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Monday, April 11, 2022

Huawei Device adapted and tailored-fit solutions with softwares and systems

Huawei Device hosted a grand launch for prospective B2B partners. Between sleek product showcases and lively demonstrations, Huawei executive leaders and engineers regaled guests with an ambitious vision for the future: to bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.


The HUAWEI Seamless AI Life has been the brand’s long-term strategy which includes Smart Office, Smart Home, Easy Travel, Huawei Health, and Entertainment. Ultimately, the goal of Huawei is to give boundless creation and seamless communication among its business partners.


And with that, the inception of the Smart Office took place. The Smart Office core capabilities are Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration. These two aim to better serve enterprise customers and adapt to the mobility, immersiveness, and device collaboration in the future. This thinking led to the launch of the Huawei Device category with a purpose of providing commercial business products and solutions.

Huawei Device commits to firmly increase investments, boldly enrich product category offerings, and exceed the expectations of users in the B2B domain for laptops, desktops, printers, tablets, Huawei Vision S, and wearables better than any other supplier and developer can. To do this, 


Huawei Device adapted and tailored-fit solutions with softwares and systems to meet scenario-specific requirements in education, finance, and large-sized enterprises.


Huawei Device has defined four major core competencies of its products for business. First is the powerful collaboration which enables each Huawei device to seamlessly connect with each other. This is followed by the Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) Kits filled with endless artificial intelligence (AI) and health capabilities. Next is the ever-reliable security performance where Huawei placed a one-of-a-kind chip-device-cloud security architecture to ensure the safety of the business’s data. Lastly, the flexible deployment feature that enables business owners to customize the needs for their enterprise. With just one code, all Huawei devices can be opened swiftly. This superior quality is always ensured with Huawei’s stringent standards and rigorous testing system.


HUAWEI Business Products

Huawei MateBook B Series is an excellent laptop for businesses. There are three powerful workhorses in this category: MateBook B3-420/520, MateBook B5-430, and MateBook B7-410. All three features a FullView display, high-performing and lightweight. The MateBook B7-410 however, is the flagship ultra-thin business laptop.


The MateBook B series also has stable performance featuring intel core hardware and chip-level security protection with its TPM 2.0 security chip. This product highlight allows users to decide which disks to encrypt and customize for system login and application login. The encryption status remains unchanged after the device is powered off. It also effectively reduces the risk of important data and password leakage.


Additionally, the MateBook B series also features the Super Device and Smart Office capabilities. This is Huawei’s attempt in providing users the best seamless experience, helping them enhance creativity and increase productivity. Seamless communication between disparate devices are enabled by the two core capabilities: Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration. Cross-device collaboration allows Huawei devices to interconnect easily, while Ecosystem Integration closes the gap between Windows and mobile ecosystems.


Another impressive product is the HUAWEI MateStation B520 desktop. It carries an Intel® CoreTM processor, has a high-speed Wi-Fi 6 that doubles the internet connection speed, LAN-based power-on authentication and Super Device enabled.


The HUAWEI MateStation B520 is also NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled. This means that users can transfer documents and information from one Huawei device to the desktop. For safety purposes, the users can go to BIOS to select the Input Only mode for business PCs then authorize one-way file transfer to ensure information security.


Huawei has kept in mind the need for a printer despite digitalization. As such, the brand has also launched PixLab B5. This product can print 30 pages of documents in one minute. Its connection is always stable, and the more users use it, the more cost-efficient it becomes. Of course, it also has the Super Device and Smart Office features for seamless connections among Huawei devices.


With the changing needs of consumers, businesses also try to adapt to deliver quality service for them. With that, Huawei also launched the HUAWEI C series tables featuring 4 new items: Huawei C7 suited for mobile offices, Huawei C5 that’s best for finance-related initiatives, Huawei C5e and C3 for smart education purposes. All of which have powerful performance, ultimate display, reliable quality, efficient productivity suite and more importantly, long battery life.


For businesses that need to display products digitally, Huawei also developed better and bigger smart screens, the HUAWEI Vision B series: Vision B3-500/600, B5-510/610, and B5-515/615. Each variant has a spatial surround sound effect, professional capabilities, Honghu chip-powered image quality, and sports a minimalist look.


Lastly, the HUAWEI B series wearables: HUAWEI Watch B7 Series, HUAWEI WATCH B5 Series and the HUAWEI Band 6 B Series. Each product variant includes a Health Kit data platform and 12 interfaces.


The HUAWEI WATCH Band 6 features HUAWEI TruSeenTM 4.0 heart rate technology, Huawei’s own multi-sensor AI neural network algorithm with expertly developed PPG components. Using this technology, the HUAWEI WATCH Band 6 is able to provide more accurate, 24-hour heart monitoring to track changes in blood oxygen, sleep and stress conditions. By providing the wearer with these results and recommendations for improvement, this is definitely a smartwatch with fully comprehensive, all-round health management capabilities. Aside from this, it also features a pioneering menstrual cycle management function, developed specifically for female users. What’s more is that, users can check the changes in SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) levels throughout the day with the Huawei Health App, a great feature to help those interested in keeping close tabs on their health.


Additionally, Huawei Device says that it has a dedicated team to provide support online and on-site, with door-to-door availability within 24 hours. The Huawei Device for business teams are trained in seven types of service products, such as extended warranties and accident protection, to support clients through ever-diverse and evolving scenarios.


Strong performance record and growth                           

Huawei boasts an operation that is stable, tenacious, and always moving forward with an eye to the future. Huawei achieved CNY636.8 billion in revenue in 2021. The company's R&D expenditure reached CNY142.7 billion in 2021, representing 22.4% of its total revenue, and bringing its total R&D expenditure over the past 10 years to over CNY845 billion. Huawei accomplished this with a long-term winning strategy: to persist in technological innovation and win the trust of users.


Huawei serves 267 of the world's top 500 enterprises, and Huawei Device has reached 730 million monthly active users worldwide. Through continuous R&D investment in the business office field, Huawei will promote technology iteration and industry development in the business office industry, and provide better choices for enterprise customers.


Visit Huawei Philippines’ official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to stay updated on the latest promos and devices.


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