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Friday, October 13, 2023

Crafting Masterpiece-Worthy Stories: Atom Araullo's Journey with the Xiaomi 13T

There's an age-old saying that a photo can tell a thousand stories. Multi-awarded journalist Atom Araullo doesn’t just document moments around him, he gets deep into it by immersing and familiarizing himself with his surroundings and the people living in it.


Since starting his career as a reporter in 2004, Atom caught the attention of Filipino viewers with his compelling reportage and hard-hitting interviews. He also has an acting background, which has helped fuel his passion for storytelling.


“I spend a lot of time in the field to see what’s happening, get to know the people that I cover, and deepen my understanding about their experiences. I love sharing what I’ve learned through the stories and images that I create,” Atom says.

Multi-awarded journalist Atom Araullo always immerses himself in his experiences to understand the experiences of everyday people.


Atom adds that he always has his Xiaomi 13T with him. Being a journalist, it’s almost ingrained in him to have a reliable device ready to record important details and to contact sources when he needs to. On his days off, Atom finds the Xiaomi 13T a great companion to record his own experiences by snapping gorgeous photos and videos with its 50MP rear camera that can shoot for up to 2160p resolution. Likewise, its 20MP front camera can capture high-definition photos and 1080p resolution videos.


Powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 8200 Ultra chipset and 5000mAh battery, the Xiaomi 13T’s pro-level camera features allow users like Atom to capture masterpieces in real time. Through the lenses of his Xiaomi 13T, he’s able to illustrate the bonds that connect  people with each other and the places they call home.


“In today’s age of social media and rapid content creation, anyone can be a storyteller. A single photo can convey so many emotions, showcase the beauty and dignity in our daily lives, and even bring about change,” Atom says.

Atom wants to tell so many stories, and the Xiaomi 13T enables him to captures masterpieces in sight 

“There are so many stories waiting to be told. The Xiaomi 13T enables me to capture masterpieces in sight.”

Like Atom, you can also take your photography and videography to the next level with the Xiaomi 13T series.  Bring your masterpiece to life: Shop for the Xiaomi 13T starting at Php 26,999 and Xiaomi 13T Pro starting at P37,999 via Xiaomi’s online stores on LazadaShopee, and Tiktok Store and authorized Xiaomi stores.


For more information, visit Xiaomi's official Facebook page and Xiaomi’s official website

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