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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Why investing in a memorial lot now is the best and most responsible financial decision you can make

Total death care provider Forest Lake emphasizes importance of early end-of-life planning for Filipinos’ overall well-being and financial stability



The word “death” is often euphemized in sentences, with people instead using the terms “no longer with us” or “passed away” to lighten the impact of loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has also raised anxiety surrounding death as the general public struggled to cope with grief.


But it is also a known fact that death is inevitable, and that early end-of-life planning remains crucial not only for an individual but for their loved ones as well. It is also a responsible move you can make today that will spare your family of stress and burden in the future. 

Memorial service solutions you may be surprised to know about 

This is why Forest Lake, the Philippines’ largest total death care provider, makes it a point to ease the pain of loss by providing diverse memorial service solutions that cater to different needs and preferences. 


Libing Anywhere is a flexible memorial solution that adapts to changing circumstances by allowing you to use your lot in any Forest Lake park in the country. 


Libre Burol, on the other hand, gives Forest Lake lot owners complimentary body retrieval, embalming, casketing, and chapel viewing services as cost-effective solutions for dignified burials.


Financial and emotional benefits of investing in memorial lots now 

But before you and your family can benefit from these vital end-of-life services, the first step is to invest in a memorial lot. 


Here’s why it’s the best financial decision you can make:


  1. Memorial lot values tend to appreciate steadily over time, allowing more financial stability. The earlier you invest in a memorial lot, the higher are your chances of gaining large profit over the years, as the value of this type of asset does not easily depreciate.


  1. If you’re a beginner investor, memorial lots can diversify your investment portfolio. This way, you can limit your risks, which are often associated with having only a single type of asset to your name, while ensuring investment returns.


  1. Purchasing power also tends to decrease over time due to inflation. But with the historically steady appreciation of real estate prices—including memorial lots—it can act as a hedge against inflation.


  1. This kind of investment is also a way of legacy planning. A memorial lot is a valuable financial asset to your name that can help future generations in need.


  1. Apart from financial gains, memorial lot investments also provide high emotional value. Coping with loss sometimes includes having to search for an available lot with limited time. But if you have already invested in your own memorial lot early on, this gives peace of mind and a sense of belongingness to your loved ones left behind.


“Interment service providers such as Forest Lake do more than just offer coffins. We are an important after-death partner because we put a high premium on the legacy that an individual builds for themselves both in life and in death,” shares Forest Lake president Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr.


For more information on how you can start end-of-life planning, you may visit the Forest Lake website.


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