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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

AirAsia Philippines flew more than half a million guests for the first half of January

AirAsia Philippines strongly supports the vigorous return to the streets of colorful Philippine festivals such as Sinulog, Ati-atihan, and Dinagyang with discounted fares and an exciting blowout this January!

Festivities are known to captivate local and international travelers to visit different localities in the country.  In January 2023, AirAsia Philippines flew a total of 580,000 guests to top destinations such as Cebu, Bohol, and Kalibo.  This 2024, AirAsia has already flown 520,000 guests for the first half of January alone and projects a strong demand to also support the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) target of increasing tourist arrivals in the country.

“AirAsia Philippines would like to open 2024 in a positive and festive mood. The Philippines, composed of 82 provinces, offers an array of festivals, which are worth exploring. At AirAsia we know that this is more than just the usual get-together — it’s a celebration of culture! During these important milestones, our guests can always rely on AirAsia’s affordable, reliable, and safe air travel. We would like to be that airline that would make every Filipino festival happen,” shared AirAsia Philippines Spokesperson and First Officer Steve Dailisan.

To entice more guests to visit their favorite Philippine festivals, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline is offering an all-month-round discounted one-way base fare of PHP68 to PHP98 to all of its domestic destinations! Aside from that, guests who will book their flights via the Superapp or, until 12 February 2024 will get a chance to win vacation packages, free flights, hotel vouchers, and airasia points with the AirAsia 2024 Blowout!  

Dailisan said these exciting deals along with AirAsia Philippines’ improved on-time performance (OTP) for January 2024 - averaging 93% for the past 7 days will attract more guests to fly with the World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline. 

AirAsia Philippines is looking to fly more foreign guests from other ASEAN countries, especially with the scheduled merger of AirAsia X and AirAsia Philippines (and other AirAsia areas of operation). Seen to materialize in the months to come, this move is expected to consolidate all medium and long-haul flights which could create more opportunities for foreign travelers to explore the country as it will connect the Philippines with neighboring destinations.  

Book your flights and favorite inflight add-ons including meals, refreshments, hot seats, and baggage options, and stay up to date on the latest travel advisories, guidelines, and deals through the airasia Superapp and AirAsia’s official website ( 


  1. Woah this is nice and talagang may discount pa sure na very nice ito 🥰

  2. Ohhh woww affordable lang talaga ang One way fare base Ng Air Asia
    Kaya daming matutuwa nito sa mga mahilig magtravel

  3. Ayy wow naman ang affordable ng fare ng Air Asia, May pa 2024 blowout pa na bongga ang prizes 😍

  4. Ay ang bongga naman nito! Ang laking promo ito🩷

  5. Yay super great promo ..kaya book flights now!!!


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