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Friday, January 12, 2024

Avida Land Unveils the Winning Masterpiece: 'In Her Future Memories' Mural at South Park District

Avida Land is thrilled to reveal the debut of "In Her Future Memories," an exquisite mural that emerged victorious in the South Park District Mural Design Competition.

The mural, a splendid masterpiece tailored for South Park visitors, captivates with its beauty and perfection. Prepare to be enamored by its captivating art and design. 

Tess Tatco, Avida Land AVP for Corporate Marketing and Retail; Jhocel Malicsi aka

Anthony Marahuyo, leading designer of the winning mural; Anne Baylon-Jara, Brand and

Project Marketing Head of Avida; Chris Cahilig, President of Insight 360 Consultancy Services

Inc., and Austin Cabatana, Mister International 2023 1 st Runner Up all posing with the mural “In Her Future Memories.”

“In Her Future Memories” was designed and created by Jhocel “Anthony Marahuyo” Malicsi and his team of thirteen talented visual artists—Rheydene Luca Ortega, Rhealhet Luca Ortega, Laurence Sebolino Gutierrez, Ma. Aleilyn Joyce Domingo Botin, John Roland Alipis, Ainafer Rupal Arena, John Alexis Rupal Arena, Roma Nieves Huet, Rica Permejo, Mia Jormalyn Astrera Balaoro, John Lenarrd Soriano Barua, Michael Grospe Autos, and Jefferson Panghulan Parajas. On board to handle logistics for this team were Jerome Edianel Carandang, Charmaine Abiado Camba, Paul Denvir Delmonte, and John Carlo Decrepito.

From championing local artists to elevating spaces with Filipino artistry is Avida's dedication to the artsand this advocacy will continue to strengthen for years to come. They believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, and spark conversations, and "In Her Future Memories" embodies this spirit

Marahuyo Studio is gifted their prize money for winning the Avida South Park Mural Design Competition

Team leader Jhocel Malicsi and his group executed their winning mural design on one of the exterior walls of theSouth Park Center. Using paints provided by Davies Paints, they turned the wall into a massive, eye-catching canvas on which the theme was well-interpreted in vivid colors with a clear visual story.

Towering 20 meters above the ground, “In Her Future Memories” is the biggest creative mural in the South that is expected to draw multitudes of art lovers and visitors to South Park District, a 6.6-hectare master planned mixed-use development in Alabang, Muntinlupa City that is home to 2 Avida residential developments which are Avida Towers Ardane - a pre-selling property, and Avida Towers Altura - a move-in ready home, right across the South Park Center and South Park Corporate Center


Avida Land's Marketing Head, Tess Tatco, beams with excitement for South Park District's newest attractionThetowering mural joins Reginald Yuson's existing installations, painting a vision for South Park as a vibrant place to live and thrive. Tatco envisions not just Avida residents, but people from different cities visiting the muralin person“Come see ‘In Her Future Memories’ for yourself,” she invites everyone, “and step beneath the towering canvas, feel the pulse of the city and nature merge, and rediscover the charm of the South.”


The mural’s creative team designed the art piece to adhere to the competition’s theme of “Part City, Part Nature, Pure South”. It prominently depicts a female cyborg whose mechanical parts seamlessly blend with a backdrop of brightly hued tropical flowers, creating a fusion of technology and nature. On the left, where the flowers open up to the futuristic city skyline, onlookers are invited to imagine what tomorrow might bring. 

Through its appealing imagery, the mural transports us to a world where concrete skyscrapers rise amidst vibrant flora, symbolizing a hopeful future where progress does not come at the expense of the natural world. It’s an image that evokes nostalgia and a feeling of deep connection to one’s hometown. 

This artwork transcends its physical form, offering an opportunity for reflection and creative expression - where casual passersby and art lovers can capture their own special moment and share this online.

Share your vision with #ArtInSouthPark #InspiredByAvidaVisit the mural at South Park District, National Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


Avida Land Corp. is the upper mid-income residential brand of Ayala Land, the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates offering a diverse mix of properties such as residential, retail, office, hotels, and leisure developments that support local economic growth and nation-building.

For more information and updates on Avida Land’s projects, visit their website at, like and follow @AvidaLandPH on Facebook and Instagram, and @avidaofficial on YouTube.


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