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Wednesday, January 10, 2024


As I am writing this review, I've just taken a couple of pain relievers and smothered myself with muscle liniment. Today was no ordinary day - it was an adventure, a rigorous test of endurance, not just for us but for the HONOR X9b 5G

I was among the few invited to the Ultra Tough Challenge at the Alpadi Estate in Rizal, a sort of prelude to the phone's grand launch scheduled for January 12th, which will be live on Facebook.

The HONOR X9b 5G is the successor to the wildly popular and best selling HONOR X9a 5G, so our expectations were sky-high. Together with team Light Green, we put this smartphone through a series of extreme tests - run over by a Hummer, subjected to a smash test relay where tiles, and concrete blocks were smashed in an attempt to crack its ultra-tough display. The challenges didn't stop there. We even tried paintball, a punching bag challenge, and even archery, all aimed at testing the durability of the HONOR X9b 5G. In probably one of the scariest, we even used the phone as a dart for a 50-ft Drop Test trying to land the phone on the bullseye.

But that isn’t even the most extreme as HONOR has been teasing an even higher-- 100-ft drop that will be shown at the launch.

But this beast isn’t just the toughest phone, it also is a beauty to behold with a lot of improvements from its predecessor. Besides its 'Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display' and 360-degree protection, the HONOR X9b 5G impresses with a 120Hz curved AMOLED screen, a top-notch camera setup with a 108MP main sensor, and a 5800 mAh battery promising extensive battery life.

As I nurse my bruises and reflect on the day's events, I'm struck by the contrast - my exhausted self versus the still almost pristine HONOR X9b 5G.  

So, if you’re like me who’s experienced the heartbreak of a shattered phone screen, durability would probably be the most important feature of your next smartphone—is the HONOR X9b 5G your perfect companion? 

Build and Design: What makes the HONOR X9b 5G so tough? Utilizing advance cushioning technology and newly developed materials the HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop technology increases the shock absorption capacity by up to 1.2 times, ensuring utmost durability even when subject to drops from a height of 1.5 meters and not just the screen but all angles. The screen also has a triple layer protection which is why it can withstand those smash tests we did. 

Because of its Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display, the HONOR X9b 5G is the first smartphone to get a Five Star Overall Drop Resistance certification from the SGS Switzerland, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company. 

The moment I laid eyes on the Sunrise Orange HONOR X9b, it was love at first sight. The color is not just striking; it's a statement - bold, vibrant, and unapologetically vivacious. It's a refreshing departure from the usual phone colors and the vegan leather finish just feels so good in the hand. Holding the phone (163.6mm x 75.5mm x 7.98mm, weighing 185g), I appreciated its elegant yet robust feel. Perfect for someone like me, who tends to be a bit clumsy, plus it even has an IP53 rating offers a sense of security against those accidental spills and dust.

DISPLAY: The HONOR X9b has a 6.78-inch AMOLED Curved Display with a 2652x1200 resolution, every image bursts with life - a true delight for someone who loves vivid colors and contrast. The smoothness of the 120Hz refresh rate makes scrolling through social media a seamless joy. And as a late-night browser and binge-watcher, the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification and Circadian Night Display technology are gentle on my eyes, a feature I've grown to cherish. If you love to watch videos or even just reading articles or browsing the internet, the HONOR X9b’s screen is a sight to behold.

Performance and Storage: Another big improvement is its Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor. This is paired with 12GB RAM coupled with 256GB storage is a game-changer for those who multitasks (or forgets to closes apps) as much as I do. Apps launch quickly, and the phone handles multiple tasks with ease - a boon for my busy lifestyle. I’m not much of a gamer although for the casual games I’ve tried, it never hanged, or lagged or closed unexpectedly. 

Camera: Who doesn’t love to take pictures? With the HONOR X9b 5G’s improved 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera you can level up your social media posts with better and clearer photos. This is a big upgrade from the HONOR X9a’s 64MP shooter. But more than just the megapixels it also shows in the photos which has more details and vivid colors. 

Complementing the main camera is the 5MP Ultra-Wide Camera with an f/2.2 aperture. This camera extends the field of view significantly, making it useful for capturing expansive landscapes, cityscapes, or even group shots where you want to include as much context as possible. 

Completing the triple camera setup is a 2MP Macro Camera, with its f/2.4 aperture. It allows users to capture the smaller subjects - be it the texture of a leaf, the intricate patterns on a fabric, or the delicate features of a small insect. This camera opens up a world of possibilities for those who love exploring the smaller, often overlooked aspects of their environment.

For selfie enthusiasts and vloggers, the 16MP front camera is also quite capable delight. It offers nice color accuracy and detail, ensuring that selfies are not just high-quality but also true to life. The camera's software enhancements, like portrait mode and various filters, add an extra layer of fun and creativity to the selfie-taking experience.

Video capabilities of the HONOR X9b 5G are okay as the phone can capture high-quality videos, with options for 4K recording, slow-motion, and time-lapse. You might just need to keep still as stabilization can still be improved.


The large 5800mAh battery is another highlight. It easily lasted me a full day with my usual daily usage of email, browsing, blogging and watching Facebook Live videos of my favorite bag sellers. Now when it comes to charging it comes with a 35W charger which takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the device.

CONCLUSION: Accidents happen, but as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes we can also be a bit clumsy or careless about our phones. A lot of us also probably experienced that mini heart attack when our phone falls and hits the ground. If you’re someone who is looking for a smartphone that is tough, durable and doesn’t need a lot of care then the HONOR X9b 5G is a good option. It’s an overall good phone with a nice screen, good cameras and a battery life that won’t require you to bring a powerbank everywhere.

And the best part? The HONOR X9b 5G retains the same launch price of its predecessor at P16,999. 

Pre-order starts from January 12 to 19, 2024 and you can even get a FREE HONOR Gift Box and HONOR Choice X5 Earbuds worth Php 4,000 at select HONOR Experience and Partner Store or online via Lazada (, Shopee (, and TikTok Shop ( 

Good news for HONOR Fans! You can get your own HONOR X9b 5G with Home Credit and Skyro for 0% interest! Also for Globe Postpaid Subscribers, you can apply or upgrade with GPlan 1299 to enjoy an Unli All-net Calls and Text and 8GB All-access Data for a one-time cash out of Php 3,300 only! Get it online or head over now to any Globe physical store! 

For more information and announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok Shop: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to


  1. Agree , durability is The most important Features at ang ganda talaga nito
    Sulit Sa Presyo and Love this Phone Too

  2. Everyone deserve New Honor🩷
    Ganda ng Quality ng phone and specs and syempre sobrang tibay! Choose the best! Choose Honor🧡

  3. Grabeeee beauty is a beast tlgaa Itong bago ng honor, ganda ng specs and high quality 😍

  4. Extreme na ang pinagdaan pero ang tibay pa din Kaya Naman Beauty is a beast itong Honor X9b 5G ... Napaka ganda Ng quality highly recommend talaga

  5. Nkakaamaze tlga yung excellent quality and durability ng honor X9B


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