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Thursday, February 22, 2024

BARCA Academy launches its first-ever training camp in the PH

Budding football enthusiasts in the Philippines recently experienced the thrill of a lifetime as Barça Academy, the official football school of FC Barcelona, launched its first-ever training camp in the Philippines. 

The first leg of this groundbreaking camp kicked off at PAREF Southridge in Muntinlupa City from November 8 to 12, followed by the second leg at Atleta 63 Bridgetowne in Quezon City from November 15 to 19. Over 400 kids aged 6 to 15 participated in the program sponsored by PAREF (Parents for Education Foundation) School and Landers Superstore.

Recognized as the number one youth football camp in the world, Barça Academy has established a presence in 34 countries, held more than 100 camps, and trained more than 25,000 students on FC Barcelona’s world-renowned playing techniques and club philosophy. 

The global nature of the club allows for international collaboration and growth. Promising players from all over the world can be sent to Barça Residency Academy or Barça Academy PRO schools where they will receive top-tier training and participate in elite leagues, paving the way for them to become professional players.

Honing Athletic Skills

The young talents of the inaugural Barça Academy camp here in the Philippines spent the two weekends immersing in FC Barcelona’s legendary training methodology under the expert guidance of Technical Director Ivan Muñoz Villanueva and esteemed Coaches Albert Aparisi and Sergio Barrera Martin. Called the “Barça style,” this world-renowned program has gained prestige for its hallmark proactive, collective, and creative style of play that produced the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and one of the world’s greatest football players, Lionel Messi.

"For over 30 years, FC Barcelona has played with a unique, easily recognizable style based on creativity and movement of the ball. It is intuitive and flexible, but also organized and based on systemic principles. The Barça style has evolved to become one of the most identifiable and far-reaching characteristics of the club,” explains Villanueva.

Building Character

However, the camp was not merely about honing athletic prowess. Beyond the pitch, Barça Academy underscored its commitment to nurturing better individuals. Training sessions placed a strong emphasis on instilling FC Barcelona’s values of respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility. The participants not only sharpened their football skills but also embarked on a character-building journey to develop integrity and resilience.

A Way to Play, A Way to Grow

The first Barça Academy Football Training Camp in the Philippines has not only brought the renowned FC Barcelona methodology to these shores but has ignited the passion for football and the pursuit of excellence in the hearts of the young players who participated. It marks a significant milestone in the football landscape of the Philippines and sets the stage for a brighter future for football in the country.

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