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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

This 5-minute Infinix podcast will bring on the kilig this Valentine season

There's something nakakakilig about listening to other people's love stories. The juicy details about their first meetings and first dates always tug at our heartstrings, giving us a dose of good vibes, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

To celebrate the love month, Infinix premiered the short podcast X-Press Love Story on February 9. Hosted by the Infinix team (Jem, Joshy, and Lloyd), they’ve talked about cute stories, date ideas, and Valentine’s Day goals that listeners can relate to and take note of. The podcast is also easy to digest as it’s only five minutes long – perfect for those who want something quick and easy in between tasks.

The top three stories that will be aired in Infinix X-Press Love Story were handpicked from the best Infinix BINGO XPRESS CARD responses on the brand’s Facebook Page. Here’s what listeners can expect:

A fur parent’s love

The first story titled “Dear Winner” is not your typical love story. It tackles the relationship between a fur parent named Andie and her dogs. She talks about the unconditional love that her dogs shared with her and her family, especially Winner, who helped with her anxiety. “Dear Winner” shows that love doesn’t always have to be romantic. It can exist in other aspects, like our beloved furbabies.

Young unrequited love


For the second episode titled “Sissy,” Kayn, a young gay teen, talks about having a crush on his classmate. It’s a nakakakilig story that shows the pure side of young love. But things get complicated when Kayn’s crush meets someone new, turning their love into an unrequited one. Will they end up together in the end?


A relationship with no labels


“Maybe This Time” is the final story of the podcast, which features Boy’s complicated situation with Marie, who he’s known for a long time. According to him, their setup is “parang kamipero walang label” for seven years. In a time filled with situationships, this story can be relatable to many who are still trying to figure out their status with someone. Will Boy and Marie finally put a label on it after seven years?

Don’t miss out on this celebration of love. Listen to Infinix X-Press Love Story here. Join the Infinix Community Page to talk about your favorite moments from the podcast and other kilig moments with your significant others.

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  1. Talagang nakakilig makinig nito , Iba't ibang love story pero may kapupulutan na Aral


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