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Friday, February 16, 2024

Puregold takes the initiative to drop its prices from the suggested prices set

Puregold Price Club, Inc. recently announced price drops on branded national products. The retailer aims to address the financial strain on Filipinos due to rising prices of goods. In 2023, the National Economic and Development Authority reported a full-year average inflation rate of 6.0 percent.

To maximize a tight budget, customers are forced to make the difficult decision to substitute their usual brands and resort to cheaper, usually low-quality products. Puregold focuses on mitigating the economic pressures confronting its shoppers and core members.

Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc., shares, “We believe that our customers should continue to have access to trusted, high-quality goods. From our stores’ already low prices, we’ve taken immediate action to further reduce the cost of essential items with the help of our partner suppliers.”

Among the branded products with discounted pricing are grocery staples such as chocolate drinks, condensed milk, cheese, baby diapers, and dishwashing liquid. The discount scheme is set to be implemented across all Puregold branches nationwide, as the retailer proves its continued commitment to giving its shoppers a helping hand amidst inflation.

Panalo sa quality. Panalo sa value tuwing namimili. We will continue to ease the weight of inflation off our customers,” concluded Vincent.


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  1. Yeahhhh,maganda mamili dito Sa Puregold at panalo talaga sa Quality


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