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Monday, February 26, 2024

RELEX Mobile Pro: The Future of In-Store Replenishment with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail solutions, recently introduced RELEX Mobile Pro, an advanced AI-driven in-store execution application for retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. RELEX Mobile Pro is the ideal solution for retailers looking to consolidate their many in-store tools and processes. 

It empowers store colleagues with an easy and accurate store ordering and tasking offering, with a particular focus on managing the complexities of the fresh business. RELEX Mobile Pro not only improves store efficiency but also helps retailers maximize sales and profitability while minimizing waste and spoilage. 


Over 40% of grocery retail sales came from fresh departments last year, making it critical to ensure the fresh department is always in stock and exceptionally fresh. By combining the RELEX Mobile Pro solution with the proven AI-driven machine learning capabilities of RELEX, customers can overcome typical fresh-specific challenges, including poor inventory visibility, product availability, and product presentation to the consumer. By combining targeted, exception-based workflows with science-based recommendations, the RELEX offering can boost store personnel engagement, ensure product availability, and optimize customer service.


“RELEX Mobile Pro is purpose-built to optimize in-store ordering while also providing an all-inclusive task management offering. This enables the automation of manual tasks and boosts efficiency, so store personnel can shift their focus to high-value tasks,” said Tom Charlton, Vice President of Product, Forecasting & Replenishment, RELEX Solutions. “This new offering has been created to help our customers create a significant step-change with their in-store processes, creating competitive differentiation while also leveraging best-in-class data science to ensure the right products are where they need to be, every time.” 


RELEX Mobile Pro, combined with the RELEX fresh item replenishment capabilities, uses AI/ML to address challenges like understanding store inventory levels, customer purchasing patterns for date-sensitive products, and prioritizing tasks to provide a better customer experience. It also helps optimize stock management by ensuring products are stocked correctly, reducing spoilage and out-of-stocks, boosting sales, and improving store labor efficiency.


RELEX Mobile Pro offers a range of key capabilities to streamline inventory management and enhance operational efficiency. Users can easily review and amend orders, leveraging suggested replenishment amounts and making modifications based on stock counting updates. The solution also allows for ad-hoc order creation to address unexpected ordering needs on the fly. With item scanning and search functionalities, users can instantly access product-specific data while in-store. 


Additionally, the RELEX unified offering enables users to intuitively check stock balances, conduct counts, and make necessary updates. With alerting features, users receive focused alerts for specific value-added actions, enhancing proactive decision-making and operational responsiveness.


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