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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Google and Filipina Artist Collaborate on Shorts Using Sand Art to Advocate for Internet Safety

Everyone has a role to play in making the internet a safe and responsible space, including local artists and content creators. This is why as part of its Safer Internet Day campaign, Google collaborated with a talented local female artist who creates great content using the power of sand art. 


Google tapped Monica Regalario-Cacatian, a Filipina artist who uses sand as an art medium to spread positive messages online. She first rose to prominence on TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy talent competition. Aside from inspiring content, she uses her art to promote advocacies such as raising awareness for gender equality, and victims of sexual violence, child abuse, displacement, to name a few.  


In the collaboration with Google, Monica created a 60-second sand art content on YouTube Shorts focused on simple tips that netizens can follow to be safer on the internet. These tips are: Secure your accounts using Google PasskeysAvoid scams on SMS and online, Fact-check information, and Educate others so they too can be safer on the internet. With millions of Filipinos using YouTube and Shorts, promoting the creative content on the platform will reach and engage a lot of netizens. 


To also show the use of responsible AI, Google and Monica used Bard, Google’s generative AI, to develop the script of the YouTube Shorts content. 


“Google is committed to helping people be safer online. Aside from Google products which are safe and secure by design, we deliver on this goal through several initiatives including raising awareness and forging local partnerships. We believe that by collaborating with Filipina artists like Monica, we can support local creatives and at the same time, champion internet safety,” said Mervin Wenke, Head of Communications and Public Affairs of Google in the Philippines. 


“Sand art can be a creative and effective medium for promoting advocacies like internet safety. It offers a unique and entertaining way to tell stories which can engage audiences of all ages online,” said Monica Regalario-Cacatian. “I hope that this campaign will reach as many people as possible. May this project help educate Filipinos to use the internet safely and responsibly.”


Monica added, “I am deeply grateful to Google and the individuals behind this collaboration. Their dedication to support and promote local artists like me is really encouraging and will greatly benefit the creative community. It is truly fulfilling that my art can be of help in raising awareness about the importance of internet safety.” 


Previously, Google partnered with Ben&Ben for a catchy song and with a youth group for spoken word poetry on YouTube towards the same cause.


To learn more about internet safety and how you can be safer online with Google using free and easy-to-use tools like passkeys, visit the Google Safety Center.


1 comment:

  1. Such a great collaboration
    And ganda din ganitong advocacy , which is internet safety !!
    Mahalaga na may dagdag Kaalaman tayo tungkol nito


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