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Friday, February 23, 2024

TNT launches ‘Budgetropa’ powered by ‘Sulit Saya’ offers

To help Filipinos get their daily dose of ‘saya’ online within their budget, value brand TNT has introduced its ‘Budgetropa,’ a group of money-savvy individuals who cleverly squeeze the most value in every peso while staying connected to their friends and loved ones. 

Composed of Pete, Seb, Precy, and Dina, the ‘Budgetropa’ relies on TNT’s 'Sulit Saya' offers so they can always stay within their own different budgets while covering all their surfing, calling, and texting needs.                                    


Meet the ‘Budgetropas’ and the ‘Sulit Saya’ offers perfect for their personality and lifestyle:   

1. “Pete, laging Gipit”   

Pete is the budgetropa who always runs out of load and data, even while in the middle of sending an important message or update. To solve his woes, he always relies on ‘Utang Na Load,’ which lets subscribers conveniently borrow Php5 for 100 MB worth of Facebook access, or Php10 for 200 MB open access data, valid for 1 day.  ‘Utang Na Load’  will simply charge whatever subscribers borrowed the next time they load.     

2. “Seb, Sablay madalas” 

Seb is the budgetropa who can be “sablay” at times to ther friends and especially his girlfriend, and therefore needs to appease  her from time to time through calling , texting her non stop , and pursuing her thru other social media apps. To do all these , he turns to 'Surf Saya 30,' a value-packed all-in-one combo that comes with a total of 1.2 GB and UNLI CALLS & TEXTS TO ALL valid for three days. The promo is inclusive of 450 MB for all sites plus 750 MB (250 MB per day) for go-to apps like Facebook, Messenger, Mobile Legends:Bang Bang, Instagram, and TikTok.     

With SurfSaya 30, subscribers can also stay connected with their tropa anytime and anywhere, be updated on the latest online buzz and trends, cheer up their loved ones with funny and viral memes, and follow their favorite celebrities and idols, and more. 

3. “Precy, Presidente ng fans club” 

Precy is the budgetropa who always stays updated with her idol’s every move and draws ‘saya’ from binge-watching her idol’s latest series and movies. She pulls this off by regularly registering to TNT GIGA Video 60, which comes with a total of 5 GB, inclusive of 2 GB for all sites and apps; 1 GB every day for YouTube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, and iWantTFC; plus UNLI TEXTS TO ALL, valid for 3 days. 

4. “Dina, di natatalo” 

Dina is the most competitive budgetropa, who can spend her whole day ranking up on her favorite mobile game. For a seamless mobile gaming experience, she relies on UNLI 5G 99, TNT and the country’s most affordable Unlimited Data offer valid for 1 day. Aside from mobile gaming, UNLI 5G 99 also enables subscribers to efficiently accomplish their to-do list due to the product’s fast speeds – from video calling with their tropa, downloading and uploading their school and work requirements, promoting their online business via livestreaming, and more – without worrying about running out of data. 

Budgetropas and TNT subscribers may conveniently avail of these ‘Sulit Saya’ offers on the Smart App, which is downloadable on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Mobile Services. 

"Sasaya na yan!” with TNT

"Our Budgetropa represents Filipino value-seekers, who can always turn to TNT to give them affordable and easy access to what makes them happy online," said Kristine A. Go, SVP for Consumer Wireless Business.

“Our subscribers can rely on TNT to lighten their life's load and enjoy all their favorite online activities without feeling the pinch on their pocket. Indeed, 'Sasaya Na Yan” with TNT!',” said Lloyd R. Manaloto, FVP and Head of Prepaid and Content at Smart.

For more updates on the latest TNT offers visit  and follow TNT on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.#

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