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Monday, March 25, 2024

AirAsia Philippines Boosts Operations and Customer Support, Prioritizing Safety for Holy Week Travel Rush

AirAsia Senior Cabin Crew Anna Carmila Doctor extinguishes a power bank which caught fire during a fire drill simulation inside AirAsia Philippines aircraft.  MIn anticipation of the travel surge during Holy Week, AirAsia Philippines is gearing up to welcome an estimated 100,000 guests traveling to destinations outside Metro Manila. As excitement builds for this cultural celebration, the airline is reinforcing its commitment to safety and preparedness through its #AlwaysREADY ngayong Semana Santa campaign.

AirAsia has a robust set of guidelines for guests to prevent incidents involving unauthorized electronic devices. Having “Safety #1” as one of its core values, the airline demonstrated its expertise in handling these types of inflight emergencies through a fire drill. 

During the fire drill scenario, AirAsia Cabin Crew put out the fire from a power bank explosion by using a fire extinguisher. They then placed it inside a fire containment bag, doused it with water and secured it in the aft lavatory.

The world’s best low cost airline conducts fire drill training among its flight crew every year to ensure their competency and preparedness.

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said, “We pride ourselves on our highly competent crew who prioritizes the safety and comfort of our guests, regardless of whether it's peak travel season or off-season periods. However, ensuring safety is a collaborative effort; it requires the cooperation of both our team and our guests. As Filipinos embark on their travels during this time, we wish that everyone remains vigilant and cooperative in adhering to safety guidelines.”

Following the drill, Isla, personally inspected check-in counters to ensure operational efficiency and readiness. He emphasized that all counters are fully operational, with additional manpower and standby team deployed to accommodate the expected influx of tourists during this period.

Beyond safety, the airline is also focused on enhancing customer experience by partnering up with Locally PH. Hundreds of Locally products have been handed out to guests, adding a refreshing touch to their journeys.

In addition, a dedicated customer help desk has been established to provide additional assistance to travelers with rebooking and flight change concerns.

AirAsia CEO Ricky Isla, NAIA Terminal 2 Manager Sean Sunga, and AirAsia Head of Communications First Office Steve Dailisan checks on guests who will be flying to the provinces for the Holy Week break.

The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline also reminded its guests that the complimentary 7KG hand-carry baggage must only consist of a small bag (22 x 14 x 4 inches in dimension) and/or a laptop bag or a handbag. The airline also suggests that it would be better to pre-book up to 14KG cabin baggage should a guest need more baggage space. 

Guests are also encouraged to visit airasia official social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok for updated travel information. For legitimate flight bookings, discounts and other travel needs, they are encouraged to download the airasia move on ios and android or log on to

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