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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Shield Yourself with Kojie.san SunProtect: The Ultimate Defense Against Radiation Anytime, Anywhere

Skin damage, premature aging, and the possibility of skin cancer–we go about our daily lives blissfully unaware that as long as there is daylight (and even when there is barely any), we are possibly harming our skin. 


You might not realize it, but everyday activities like a quick trip to the convenience store or scrolling on your phone expose your skin to serious harm from light radiation. This unfortunate truth only means that if we have not been protecting our skin, damage may start to show up and get worse over time. 

Sunlight comes at us with two main threats: UVA and UVB rays. UVA goes deep, causing quick tanning and sunburns, but also sneaky stuff like premature aging and skin cancer.


Meanwhile, UVB rays affect the top layer of the skin, leading to delayed tanning, sunburn, and blistering; and long-term exposure can contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. 


Then there's blue light, the silent troublemaker from your screens—phones, laptops, television, and any light-emitting devices. It's like UV's sneaky cousin, slipping past our defenses to mess with our skin; while slower in effect, it can cause skin damages similar to sunlight. 


Research also shows that blue light's lower energy and longer wavelengths can penetrate deeper into the skin than UV radiation, also potentially causing skin cancer.


These bad rays don't care if you're inside or outside, sunny or cloudy – they'll find you. 


Enter Kojie.san SunProtect, a sun care brand from top beauty brand Kojie.san. Powered by its unique Radiation Care technology, the Kojie.san SunProtect line offers a protective barrier against harmful sunlight and blue light radiation, providing daily and extra sun protection (more than a necessity in our summer heat) against UVA/UVB rays. 

Kojie.san SunProtect offers three products: Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++,  Kojie.san SunProtect Sport SPF50+ PA+++, and Kojie.san SunProtect Body SPF69 PA+++, catering to every possible need when it comes to sun care that truly prevents skin damage. Each variant includes essential ingredients for comprehensive skin care. 


Ideal for daily protection, Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++ has a no white cast, water-resistant, and quick-absorbing formula. It is also an excellent makeup base, loved by many for its non-greasy feel.


Made for those with active lifestyles, Kojie.san SunProtect Sport SPF50+ PA+++ also has a non-greasy, antioxidant defense formula that is quick to absorb and sweat-resistant. 


Both the Face and Sport variants of Kojie.san SunProtect offer top-notch protection for your daily commutes. Whether you're walking, cycling, or hopping on public transport, these have got you covered, shielding your skin from harmful rays while you're on the move.


Finally, offering all-around protection, Kojie.san SunProtect Body SPF69+ PA+++ is water-resistant and quick-absorbing, making sure you are fully protected during your summer trips.


All three Kojie.san sun care products are equipped with a radiation shield, proving to be a trusted everyday solution and protection in a world where skin damage is a constant, unavoidable threat.


With the possibility of premature aging, skin diseases, and skin cancer lurking around the corner in almost every moment of our life, don't forget to use the right sunscreen – your skin will thank you for it!

you for it!


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