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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Resilience and Innovation: Apogee Laboratories' Rise During the Pandemic Era

It’s no secret that industry-wise, the pandemic predominantly affected many sectors negatively. Yet, lockdowns somehow still brought growth to certain sectors, with many spending big in areas such as the beauty industry.


In an insightful conversation, Apogee Laboratories founder Carlo Rimando sheds light on the growth of his business during Covid and the role that logistics and partnerships played in his success.


How It All Began

Established amid the global crisis in 2020, Apogee Laboratories emerged as a manufacturer and a trusted partner for dermatologists. They navigated the initial hurdles of product development and distribution with a lean team of dedicated individuals, choosing to set up operations during the pandemic.


The pandemic posed unique challenges for the business. The shift from trading to manufacturing demanded a reevaluation of their business model, sourcing of materials, and acquisition of equipment, all while navigating the complications of regulatory compliance. During this time, building trust with their clients—dermatologists—was also of utmost importance, as this core audience was adjusting to new norms like teleconsultation, given the lockdown.


Rimando emphasizes the importance of his dedicated team, who he affectionately refers to as "angels." He underscores the pivotal role of human resources in overcoming operational challenges, from product formulation to customer service.


"My wife was the first angel. She was there through everything," Rimando reflects, emphasizing the blend of personal and professional support that has been crucial to their success. "But if I were to be specific, I actually have more angels," he adds, acknowledging the collective effort of his team in navigating the business landscape.


Their efforts have enabled the company to scale up, becoming a significant player in the cosmetic manufacturing industry.


Key Players and Key Partners


Rimando also highlights LBC as a critical partner in their journey.


He discusses the importance of reliable logistics solutions for businesses navigating manufacturing and distribution challenges: "We have been exploring various logistics solutions and found LBC's services to match our needs closely. Their SendTipid program, a prepaid logistics solution, offers us cost efficiency and the convenience we need for managing our shipping needs," Rimando explains. This program, combined with LBC's extensive reach across the Philippines and its presence in over 30 countries worldwide, provides Apogee Laboratories with the operational flexibility and scalability needed to expand distribution and explore export opportunities.


Choosing LBC's services, especially their allowance for using company-branded boxes without the additional cost of crating, signifies a strategic partnership that enhances Apogee Laboratories' ability to maintain product integrity and branding consistency across its distribution channels. "Other couriers wanted us to crate our boxes, which would incur extra costs. LBC allowed us to use their boxes, removing a significant logistical hurdle and enabling us to maintain our focus on product quality and customer satisfaction," Rimando shares, highlighting the logistical support that aids in streamlining operations and building a solid distribution network.


A Dynamic Future Ahead


As Apogee Laboratories looks toward the future, with aspirations of retailing and international distribution, the foundational support of logistics partners like LBC will play a crucial role in navigating the challenges of scaling operations and entering new markets.


"LBC's global presence positions them as an ideal partner for our future export plans. This extensive reach aligns perfectly with our vision of expanding Apogee Laboratories internationally," Rimando envisions the potential for growth and the importance of a reliable logistics partner in achieving international aspirations.


The journey of Apogee Laboratories, from its pandemic-era inception to its status as a key player in the dermatological product space, underscores the value of strategic relationships between manufacturing enterprises and their logistics partners. It demonstrates how such collaborations can drive business growth and operational success, even in challenging circumstances.



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