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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Yellow Cab Launches Half Moon Pizzas at the Grand Best Ever Pizza Party

Is there anyone who doesn't love pizza? It's the perfect complement to any meal, whether you're pairing it with pasta or sipping on your favorite drink. The launch of Yellow Cab's half moon pizzas has me excited; they're just the right size for a solo feast, and I have no trouble finishing off one on my own in just one sitting.

The Half Moon Pizzas debut at Yellow Cab in BGC was an absolute blast. The afternoon was packed with entertainment, highlighted by performances from Clara Benin and Lola Amour. Between the free half moon pizzas and the lively music, it was an event that delighted everyone in attendance.


Since its humble beginnings in Naples, Italy, pizza has evolved from a simple dish to a global phenomenon celebrated for its versatility and communal appeal. Initially created as an affordable meal for working-class Neapolitans, pizza quickly became a canvas for a variety of toppings, reflecting the rich culinary traditions and regional flavors of Italy. 


Its round shape, sizable portions, and easily shareable nature positioned pizza as the perfect meal for gatherings, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment. This tradition of pizza as a communal dish has transcended borders, making it a staple for group gatherings, parties, and family dinners worldwide. Yet, as much as pizza brings people together, individual preferences for toppings can vary widely, presenting a challenge when trying to please everyone in a group.


Recognizing how pizza can bring people together while addressing the desire for individual choices, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. threw the "Best Ever Pizza Party" to introduce their newest offering: the Half Moon Pizzas. This celebration marked not only the launch of improved recipes for their classic pizzas but also the debut of a pizza format designed for personalization and convenience.


The Half Moon Pizza is a novel concept that offers the perfect solution for solo diners who want a more personal-sized. Available in the fan-favorite Pepperoni and Hawaiian flavors, these pizzas offer a perfect just-for-you size, embodying the essence of convenience without compromising on flavor. Each box contains three slices and are prepared individually and not just taken from a whole pizza to guarantee its freshness. Starting at just P159, the Half Moon Pizzas come with a variety of add-ons, including soda, pasta, or chicken, allowing you to customize your meal for a complete dining experience


The event was not only a platform to showcase Yellow Cab's newest offering but also an opportunity to introduce the enhanced recipes of their Best Ever Pizzas. These pizzas, now cheesier, meatier, and tastier, feature freshly made dough, premium ingredients, and real mozzarella cheese, elevating the standard for quality pizza.


With pizzas in hand, attendees also got to enjoy several side activities, including a photobooth station, the Half Moon Serve and Topping Throw. Those who completed the activities got the chance to join the Pizza Party raffle, where five (5) lucky winners won boxes and boxes of Yellow Cab’s Best Ever Pizzas so they can host their very own pizza party for their squad.


The event was elevated by performances from some of the Philippines' most celebrated talents, each bringing their unique flavor to the festivities:

Clara Benin: The indie scene's darling, Clara Benin, enchanted attendees with her soulful melodies and acoustic guitar, adding a touch of intimacy and warmth to the evening.

Lola Amour: The band Lola Amour, known for their hit "Raining in Manila," delivered their signature jazzy, alt-pop sounds, creating an atmosphere of cool sophistication.

DJ Margachi: As the night progressed, DJ Margachi took to the decks, filling the air with dance-inducing beats that kept the party alive and kicking.


The Best Ever Pizza Party likewise featured a collaboration with Multimedia creator Raco Ruiz who designed the event's poster—capturing the spirit of youth and passion. Lifestyle brand Syndrome Supply, by Anton and Inigo Cruz, meanwhile released limited-edition tees and tote bags bearing the party's logo.


While the "Best Ever Pizza Party" has come and gone, its spirit lives on, inviting pizza lovers to stay tuned to Yellow Cab's social media for future gatherings that promise good vibes, great music, and, of course, delicious pizza.


Yellow Cab's Best Ever Pizza Party was made possible in partnership with Mountain Dew and Pepsi, ensuring that guests had the best refreshments to accompany their pizza feast. The success of the event has set the stage for future Best Ever Pizza Parties, with more legs to be announced on Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s social media pages.


For more information be sure to follow Yellow Cab’s social media pages:

Instagram: @yellowcabpizza

Tiktok: @yellowcabpizzacoofficial

YouTube:  YellowCabPizzaCo

Facebook: YellowCabPizzaCoOfficial

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  1. Yellow Cab knows how to throw a party! The Half Moon Pizzas debut in BGC sounds like it was a hit with free pizzas and awesome music from Clara Benin and Lola Amour. Wish I could have been there to enjoy the delicious food and entertainment. Looking forward to the next event! 🍕🎶


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