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Friday, June 20, 2014

Jasmine Curtis-Smith Face the Sun with Ponds White Beauty SPF15


More #FaceTheSun activities with the lovely Pond’s Girls!

There’s nothing more exciting than going on an adventure with your BFF. Pond’s, the country’s leading name in skincare, knows how important these bonding moments are and wants to help make sure that you always have worry-free fun while you’re soaking up the sun. “One of my favorite girl bonding moments is just hanging out by the beach and enjoying the breeze,” shares Pond’s brand ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith. “That’s why I like the Pond’s White Beauty SPF15 Day Cream—aside from keeping my skin young even if I’m under the sun, it also prevents further darkening.”

Next challenge was the Jonah’s challenge where the Pond’s Girls (Jasmine Curtis Smith) had to team up and finish the yummy shake in 15 seconds

The #PondsGirl Adventure
This summer, Pond’s girls Nicole Andersson and Jasmine Curtis-Smith went on a Boracay-bound adventure. And because Pond’s understands that it’s more exciting when you get to share your get-pretty skincare secrets with your best gal pals, two more lucky besties got to go on the adventure with them. “Maxine and Paula are happy-go-lucky and super game to join in on the fun challenges we faced,” shares Jasmine. Fellow Pond’s brand ambassador, Nicole, also shares the same sentiments. “They’re really cool and fun loving,” she adds. “At first, they were a bit shy, but after making them kulit, they began to open up.”

More Girl Bonding
While on the white sands of Boracay, the four girls paired up to see who could win various challenges from building sandcastles to taking the perfect pyramid photo. The most memorable one of all? “Definitely the volleyball challenge,” says Paula. “We got to know Jasmine and Nicole well through this activity and see their personalities. We realized they’re fun to be with even though they’re celebrities. We got along really well.” As the four girls took on the tough—and occasionally silly—challenges, one thing was for sure: they didn’t hold themselves back from having some beach fun because they weren’t afraid to face the sun. “I know that my skin is protected because Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream has SPF15,” shares Maxine. “It makes me unstoppable under the blazing heat.”

Pond’s White Beauty: Your Real Skin’s BFF
Because 76% of Filipinas desire fairer skin, “it can be hard to enjoy when you always have to think about reapplying,” shares Nicole. Pond’s gives you the freedom to face the sun by banishing acne-causing oil, protecting from you from harmful UV rays, and by keeping your skin radiantly flawless no matter what time of the year it is. “Since it’s very sunny in the Philippines regardless of the season, the Pond’s White Beauty SPF15 Cream is the one product I can’t live without,” reveals Jasmine.

Thanks to the Korean Ginseng + Saffron in the Pond’s White SPF15 Cream, girls can score the Pond’s signature Rosy White Glow—just like our Pond’s girls Jasmine and Nicole–with no sticky feel due to its powder-like finish. “It’s part of my daily routine since it doubles as a moisturizer and sun protection since it also has PA++,” says Jasmine. “I can actually walk out with just that on my face.” For Nicole, the Pond’s White Beauty SPF15 Day Cream is also one of her top beauty must-haves–and that’s why she recommends it to ladies who are bound for their own #FaceTheSun adventures. “Always be prepared by packing all the right outfits and all the right toiletries to keep you protected. All you have to do is to have fun after that.”

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