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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet the "It" Bag Herve Chapelier

Fashion Meets Function at Hervé Chapelier’s Latest Collection

I have seen Herve Chapelier tote bags in Hongkong, and learned that it has opened its first store at SM Aura last February 2014. I love the bag since it has similarity to Longchamp,  when it comes to its handles and boxy in appearance.  I love that it has big space inside,  practical enough to carry my notebook, make up kit, umbrella, vitamins, shades, reading glass, ipod player, tablet, wallet, purse, comb and a book.  My life revolves around my bags and  I love toting them around. Not to mention that it is an "It" bag for the season, at least to me.

Herve Chapelier launched the tote bags with collaborations from Filipino artists Niccolo Jose, Mayi Penaflorida, Soleil Ignacio, Kris Abrigo, Aiya Balingit and Tokwa Penaflorida, having reinterpreted some of the influential best paintings and designs on the bag on June 16, 2014.

Credited around the toting world for innovating a handful of firsts, French luxury bag and luggage brand Hervé Chapelier pushes the envelope yet again with its iconic collection, which features a bit of combative edge, a hint of urban function, and a dose of modern mobility, without compromising its veritable stamp of ladylike Parisian substance.

Founded in 1976 by its namesake design stalwart, the Hervé Chapelier label revolutionized the duffel bag, an invention that featured industrial standard, automotive safety belts repurposed as straps for roomy, function-savvy bags, jump starting the brand’s dominance for cutting-edge, contemporary, yet classy ladies’ carry-alls in the industry. Since then, Chapelier introduced more trendsetting silhouettes, such as the Cabas, the brand’s quintessentially French take on the traditional shopper, as well as the GP the brand’s high-end line, which took color and texture blocked toting to a whole new shape and proportion.

For its current season, Hervé Chapelier unveils a bolder, braver collection that is especially attuned with the times, answering to the dynamic shifts in lifestyle, careers, and social habits of today’s women. With a firm grip on functionality and fashionable aesthetics, Hervé Chapelier’slatest collection celebrates the luxury of the fast-paced with totes, carry-alls, and bags that keep up with today’s tempo while marching on a look all its own.

First, Hervé Chapelier unleashes an army of camo-print totes that take on the military trend spot-on; becoming the modern woman’s ultimate bagging uniform. Found in a variety of shapes and make, Chapelier’s version of the battle-tested season style can be had in basic nylon, the toughest, most lightweight material in bagging industry-standards, or the Cordura, crafted off breathable polyamide. These materials borrow on military precision for shape and function, with silhouettes such as the traditional bucket, the prismic rectangular, all in a variety of sizes, Hervé Chapelier offers up a match for any of the modern female’s varying missions.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hervé Chapelier also embraces the season’s command for resort-ready totes, borrowing key palettes and contrasts from the sea. With nautical influences found in the hues of coral pink, navy blue, tan, turquoise, cobalt, and sand, Hervé Chapelier’stwo-toned GP hand-carry luggage could be this season’s suiting company for sea-borne, travel-bound ladies.

And finally, for the sophisticated women who value the classics,Hervé Chapelier’s Nylon and Cordura lines could also be had in the timeless, neutral shades of black, grays, and blues, with a burst of berry for that twist of excitement and fun. These carry-alls become the perfect compliment for the corporate wardrobe, with its roomy function, handy compartments, and sturdy structure, any working woman can be sure to carry through her daily agenda with stylish success.

With its French-fashioned style and fast-paced feminine sensibilities,Hervé Chapelier’s take on luxury toting transcends the values of mere fine-quality materials and craftsmanship; its commitment to modern-day function makes it a priceless addition to any woman’s wardrobe.
Hervé Chapelier ‘s first ever boutique in Southeast Asia can be found at L1, SM Aura Premier,  Manila Philippines.

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