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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lee celebrates 125 years of heritage, denim and fashion

Lee’s 125th Anniversary Special

Lee celebrates its 125th Anniversary special in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 culminating in day two,by letting us look at their fashion creation within the 125th years span from 1889 up to the present, the jeans that we love to wear through the years were presented in different styles from the first zip-fly pair to tattered, deconstructed, high waisted, skinny, stretch, colored, bleached on, in its 27 vintage pieces and 60 runway looks. Lee has this distinguished touch of its own brought by its craftmanship through the years of expertise in jeans and fashion.

The “Lee Archive Tour”
To celebrate 125 years of purposeful denim design, the “Lee Archive Tour”, was created—a curated collection of iconic Lee pieces—to tour around the Asia-Pacific region starting with Beijing, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, India and Australia. On its last leg in the Philippines, the two-story modern metal-and-wood pop-up space completes its journey at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium (after Glorietta and Robinson's Place) for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014.  The Archive—which houses 27 vintage originals—serves not so much as a museum, rather more a chronicle of fashion firsts, denim lovers will truly appreciate the story behind each piece.

The Collections
Together with the “Lee Archive Tour” will be Lee Jean's Holiday 2014 runway show. A 60-piece strong show, it will be defined by the 101+ collection and the Lee Stretch Deluxe. The 101+ takes off from the 101 originals and is a limited capsule designed especially for the anniversary. Look out for new design elements: double layered pockets, embroidered labels, unique S-branding on the rear, and an imported Japanese fabric in a thicker 16oz finish. It also comes in a limited run, 1,250 pieces for the jackets and only 1,250 pairs
for the jeans.

The Stretch deluxe on the other hand takes its cues from good form—it's never out of shape—with intelligent denim that's integrated with exceptional stretch and recovery, making it the perfect transitional item for the woman with a day-to-night mind-set. Drawn with a refined, streamlined, lean and clean finish, this precision in fit makes it the perfect pair for the versatile woman with taste.

To round off the classics and the innovations is a segment dedicated to the new. The Lee Style Army brings in a readjustment to the classic jean. Denim is deconstructed, reconstructed and reformed to create unexpected and exciting new denim silhouettes.

Art in Fashion
Since 1889, Lee Jeans has always been a purveyor of craftsmanship in design, and it is with this house code that Lee shares the experience first-hand to you. A DIY (do-it-yourself) station was held on site with special denim artisans and jean craftsmen to help you create your own personalized 125th anniversary pair. Included in the services are exclusive anniversary trims: one-of-a-kind rivets, buttons, embellishments; on-the-spot sewing and alterations; monogramming; and surface finishing which includes scraping, whiskers (thin faded lines created by natural crease) and distressing.

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