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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Marmalade Kitchen stirs up memories of food

Memories of food brings us to a time and place that delighted us and  make us all hungry. That is Marmalade Kitchen did to me last September 2, 2014. Chef Aileen Anastacio's creation woke up my first food memory, her pancake, made from scratch with all the toffee syrup and banana toppings. Food stirs an emotional part of our lives which is, in many ways, more important than the historical one. I suddenly recall my childhood days.

What do you remember when you smell a vanilla pancake frying coming right from someone's kitchen?  The thought and the scene reminds me of mother in her late 30s with her red dirty apron on,   cake mix stirred in a bowl,  preparing plates and puncturing a can of condensed milk as syrup, and getting that hardened butter from the refrigerator. Her homemade hot cocoa in a ceramic pitcher with cute yellow ceramic cups. Thank God for mothers and their food.

Chef Aileen Anastacio is hands-on to her latest restaurant Marmalade Kitchen located at The Forum 2nd fl, BGC corner Federacion Drive. There is a homey feel inside the restaurant with its wooden table, wood tiled floors,  chairs, and cabinet, which  reminds us of home.

 Chef Anastacio promised to delight us as she began cooking all the dishes that would satisfy our palate and senses. She first served us a bowl of hot pumpkin creamy soup, that is buttery delicious sprinkled with roasted caramel on top.

She made us taste her breakfast goodness of "longganisang hubad" with egg and garlic  fried rice. Started up my day with a filling breakfast. Chef Aileen whipped up all the dishes for the day with no unnecessary garnishes and condiments.

Me and my favorite breakfast Longganisang hubad with egg and garlic rice

Chef Aileen Anastacio with her signature dish

Marmalade Kitchen houses the many things Aileen loves. In a way, it has become an extension of her home. For one, it offers all the things she herself loves to indulge on. Largely inspired by her experiences working in a professional restaurant in the US to her many travels abroad, the dishes is a roundup of food that brings her utmost comfort and pleasure; none of the pretentious kind, just classic and traditional cafĂ© dishes that people crave for and keep coming back to for guaranteed satisfaction. Chicken and Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Beef Stroganoff, Fish and Chips—she prepares and serves them the way we have long enjoyed them,

Royal Benedict

Marmalade Kitchen is an extension of her culinary playground as she and her fellow chef friends host lifestyle classes. Every week, they will be sharing their knowledge and experience to friends and guests who would like to learn a thing or two about cooking and baking, as well as enjoy the food they’ll be making and each other’s company.

Marmalade Kitchen is a home for delectable eats and treats and good learning. And everyone is welcome to partake in all the fun.

Pulled Pork

Black ink pasta with shrimp
Her version of black pasta, this is deliciously good and filling, I love that the pasta is soft and tasty even without the shrimp. This is a meal on its own.

Key Lime Pie
This key lime pie dessert is soo good, not too sweet, the crust compliments everything. Finish your meal with any order of her desserts in the menu, including this one.

Chef Aileen also holds summer cooking classes for the kids ages 7-12 . She will cook 4-5 recipes, that would depends on the ingredients. She will invite chefs over during the summer cooking classes. Reservation is required. Class fee is Php2000.00 per class/session. For inquiries, please call 09178370959.

Cooking classes schedule

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