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Friday, September 12, 2014

Save up with AXA ION, the first online life insurance store in PH

A life insurance helps that in the event something happens to you, it maybe an accident or a heart attack, the needs of your loved ones can be provided for up to the amount you feel you are worth. You can insure yourself with  AXA eXentials line, guaranteed fast and easy with AXA iON thru online application. Save for the future and provide your family with financial stability and security when it matters most.

AXA Philippines,one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, continues to redefine standards by being the first life insurance company in the Philippines to offer life insurance products online through AXA iON (AXA Insurance Online).

“The internet is playing an ever increasing role in the way we communicate, transact and find information about anything,” says Rien Hermans, President & CEO of AXA Philippines. “Nowadays people meet on social media, find jobs online, buy books, gadgets, clothes, shoes, book hotels and air travel on the internet ---all of this is no surprise to any of us anymore.”

“With AXAiON, we now give customers the chance to secure their financial future from the increasing costs of education, the burden of expensive healthcare costs, and the passing of a breadwinner, all in a digital platform and in just a few, easy steps,”Hermans stated.

Hermans observes that most life insurance companies tend to create a lot of mystery or confusion around their products by coming up with a multitude of options, features and limitations, all packed in a lot of jargon.

“AXA Philippines wants to change this by offering the most basic financial products that can help people secure their financial future in a transparent, easy, and affordable way to the growing population of Filipinos who are logged on to the internet on an almost daily basis,” adds Hermans.

AXA iON offers four (4) fully-guaranteed products that make up the AXA eXentials line, which are designed to be affordable with premiums starting at only P1,000 per month: Health eXentials, Savings eXentials, Academic eXentials, and Life eXentials.

1.  Savings eXentials is a fail-proof alternative to savings that provide better returns than a regular savings account returns, pays out the cash to your family even if you don’t complete the 5-year savings plan in case of death or disability.

2.  Academic eXentials gives guaranteed cash benefits once a year for 5 consecutive years, to help defray costs related to tuition or education. But in case of untimely demise before the 5-year payout period, Academic eXentials will give your family additional cash every year until the year before the scheduled release of benefits.

3.  Life eXentials is a back-to-basics income replacement plan. Unlike typical life insurance plans, Life eXentials pays out its benefits monthly over a period of up to 5 years so there’s no danger of wiping out the insurance proceeds at once and ensures that the beneficiaries get a monthly stipend to replace the income of the loved one who passed away.

4.  Health eXentials is the affordable complement to HMO coverage as it pays out cash upon diagnosis of critical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, including gender specific cancers (breast, cervical, prostate cancers), stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease and 30 other critical illnesses.

“Through AXA iON, customers can now learn more about these financial solutions, at their own pace and convenience” says Amor Balagtas, Chief Marketing Officer of AXA Philippines.  “Having done one’s own research and now ready to secure his financial future,one can purchase their desired financial productby simply using their credit card in just a few clicks.”

“But for those who prefer to talk to an AXA Financial Partner, they may use AXA iON to start a conversation on their financial needs, as this is a great tool to help them understand what options are available to them,”Balagtas explains further.

“The internet will not replace the financial advisor, but it will complement the way how we communicate and transact with our clients,” adds Hermans. “This is why we allow customers to select their financial advisor, even if they buy online. This ensures that once they want to do a full financial need analysis,they will have someone that they can turn to.”

“Having someone to support you in the important financial decisions in your life, to balance your investments, to prepare your retirement income and to fail proof your financial plans is of tremendous value.This is the reason why AXA focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to its financial advisors, providing continuous training, and providing them state of the art tools to support their job,” Hermans concludes.

To find out more about AXA iON, visit

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