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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sweet Chili Thai Fish & Noodle House by Gerry's

I cant eat without condiments of chili, vinegar and sweet chili sauce. I have come to realized that I cant eat without spices. I have loved Thai food eversince Thai restaurants sprout everywhere in Manila. Then comes, Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodles Restaurant, owned by Gerry's Group of Restaurants. 

Thai food is one of the most balanced cuisines. It’s never just sweet or just spicy, rather a balance of acidity, sweetness, aroma, and heat. Now you can sink your teeth with Thai dishes right at Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodles Restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Fisher Mall in Quezon City.

Gerry's launched Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodles Restaurant to its growing portfolio of restaurant chains last September 4, 2014 at Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

"The Philippine restaurant scene is replete with Filipino food entrepreneurs who have become big names offering foreign cuisine" observes Gerry Apolinario, the successful entrepreneur behind Gerry's.

Bagoong fried rice topped with sweet pork, shredded fried egg, green mango and onion

Genuine tasting and simple matched with friendly Pinoy service in a casual ambience, Sweet Chili is a gastronomic adventure. "There are no shortcuts when your aim is to delight customers. We import some of our key ingredients so that you taste nothing but real Thai cuisine," adds Apolinario who opened Gerry's 17 years ago.

"Food is good for sharing at very affordable prices. Excellent meals need not be expensive. We never compromise on taste- and value for money," says Apolinario.

Sweet Chili hopes to open one more branch before the year ends. Their menu includes the mouth watering and delicious must- try items such as the following;

Catfish lightly breaded, fried until crispy, topped with sauteed bell pepper and fried garlic sauce

Marinated boneless chicken thigh wraped in pandan leaves served with sweet chili sauce

Grilled pork liempo topped with fresh bellpepper served with lemon tamarind sauce

King Fish deep fried until golden brown served with choice of sauces

Sauteed thai rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprout in tamarind sauce, wrapped in egg

Phad Thai wrapped in egg

Flavorful stir fried chicken in herbs and spices mixed with basil leaves

Fresh shrimp, squid and fish in authentic Thai herb soup

My personal favorite is their Seafood Tom Yum, the spiciness is tolerable, that goes right with the ingredients (vegetables and seafood) and broth. Second is the Chicken Pandan, with a little tinge of spice, its soft,  chewy,  and delicious, that comes around with the sauce, dont forget to dip your chicken into it.

 If you love Gerry's, wait till you taste what Sweet Chili's Thai food is offering. It is simply delicious and affordable.

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