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Sunday, September 8, 2019

5 TikTok songs and filters to spread an early Christmas cheer this September

Do you hear the bells ringing and jingling? We know you’re excited to sing ♫♪Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays♪♫ because September is the Philippines’ widely accepted but unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

Be part of the joy to the world by creating videos with these TikTok sound bites that would remind everyone of that good Paskong Pinoy feeling.

We listed 5 iconic songs that you can use to bring the Christmas spirits on your next TikTok videos:

1.      “Christmas in Our Hearts.“ Jose Mari Chan has become the undisputable Filipino Christmas icon because of this 90s hit. The song is a reflection of the traditional Christmas in the country with children selling lanterns on the street and the community attending church services; all in remembrance and celebration of the birth of Christ. This explains the reason why this song tugs every Pinoy at the heartstrings.

2.      “All I Want for Christmas is You.” This chart-topper cemented Mariah Carey’s Christmas diva status. Why not create a video and tag @mariahcarey on TikTok? The Songbird Supreme loves a good engagement with her fans as she also joined the trending #Obsessed challenge.

3.      “O Holy Night.” Bring out your inner Yuletide diva while lip synching to another Carey Christmas classic. Belting this song will also be a sure hit as the TikTok community supports great talents!

4.      “Last Christmas.”  From the 80’s pop duo Wham!, “Last Christmas made it to the list because in spite of the song’s betrayal angle, it also conveys a hopeful message of finding a more deserving love. Through the years, a lot of artists covered the song including Carly Rae Jepsen,  Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. The world’s waiting for your own 15-second version.

5.      “Mano Po, Ninong.” Popularized the backbending songstress, Pilita Corrales, this Christmas classic featured a beautiful Filipino gesture, pagmamano. From the word mano (hand), the person giving the greeting bows toward the hand of the elder and presses their forehead on the back of the elder's hand. It is an act of respect to elders as elders give their blessing in return. It is a Christmas custom to bring the godchildren to their ninong (godfather) and ninang (godmother) and receive aguinaldo (gifts). Parokya ni Edgar has a tweaked version of this song in the point-of-view of an adult godchild.

To match these songs are the top Christmas filters on TikTok: 

Christmas Snow. Yes, living in a tropical country, Pinoys are deprived of Christmas snow but not on TikTok. Live your White Christmas fantasy with this cool filter. For alternatives, you can also use the effects ShakeSnow or SnowflakeMask.

Cat & Owner Santa. The app is very inclusive that it created a filter that’s purr-fect for you and your lovely pet.

Reindeer Makeup. A whole new level of beauty awaits when you apply this reindeer inspired makeup filter. Also a good alternative is the Christmas makeup filter.

Christmas Lens. Life is as colorful as it can get on Christmastime. Record and preview your -BER moments in Christmas colors. 

Big Nose Santa. If comedy is your forte, here’s the perfect Christmas filter that will give your audience a hearty laugh!

How to use the Effects QR? Tap Discover and click on the scan button located at the top right area of your screen. Scan and record!

All songs and filters can be searched on TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video sharing app. Available for iOS and Android.  

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