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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OmniPay Diners Club: The Prepaid Card for frequent Travelers

If you happen to travel abroad, you should know by now that its easy to carry a card to shoulder your expenses for everything. Each time you convert from US Dollar or Philippine Peso to the local currency of the country you’re visiting, you lose your money’s value. That's why it is way best to travel cashless. 

OmniPay launches OmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Card at Shangri-la The Fort last Sept.10. 

OmniPay – one of Asia’s leading providers of breakthrough card programs and payment services – launched the OmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Card, in partnership with Diners Club International Ltd., a payment services company owned by Discover Financial Services, and part of the Discover Global Network.

TheOmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Card is the solution for businesses who are looking to integrate travel-related benefits for their customers. 

From left to right: Mr. Simoun Ung, President and CEO – OmniPay, Inc.; Ms. Annie Zhang, Regional Managing Director-Discover Financial Services; Mr. Renato C. Valencia, Chairman – OmniPay Inc.; Mr. Umesh Ikhe, CEO – Care Risk Solutions; Mr. Hiroyuki Nakamura, Advisor – OmniPay Inc. and Mr. Subhrajit Basu, Regional Sr. Vice President, International Markets – Discover Financial Services.

What makes the The OmniPay Diners club card different is that it  backed by established global companies that have a proven track record in card services and support. 

It is a USD-based prepaid card with the capability of acting like a loyalty and rewards card, and is internationally accepted due to the Discover Global Network, which includes Discover Network, Diners Club International, PULSE and affiliated networks. It also comes with a mobile app, which allows the cardholder to gain access to payment functionalities such as real-time card-to-card transfer, QR Payments, balance inquiry and transaction history. The mobile app also allows locating ATMs in the vicinity, getting up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates, and even ascertaining local tipping etiquette across different countries.

“Diners Club knows the importance of cardholders being able to use their card of choice when travelling abroad,”said Annie Zhang, Regional Managing Director - APAC of International Markets at Discover. “Tourists from the Philippines often travel to the United States and Canada, places where we can offer wide acceptance of their OmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Card.”

OmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Cardholders are also entitled to Diners Club’s a test destination offers via the Privilege platform. As expected, many of these privileges extend to other major locations across the world, covering a wide variety of dining, travel, and entertainment pursuits.

“Due to its undeniable advantages, the OmniPay Diners Club Forex Prepaid Card will surely spark a lot of interest and demand from local consumers,” noted OmniPay President & CEO Simoun S. Ung. “Accordingly, this will certainly be a valuable addition to the card businesses of banks, issuers, and acquirers. As always, we are here to help these companies gain market share through well-designed, attractive card offerings,”he concluded.

To learn more about OmniPay and Diners Club International, you may visit their websites,

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