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Monday, September 2, 2019

Generation Nova: Why the Huawei nova 5T is the GOAT phone for Gen Z

As digital natives, AKA kids who grew up connected to Wi-Fi, today’s youth are pretty much the epitome of tech-savvy. Generation Z may not know what a VHS or rolodex is, but they definitely know their way around Snapchat and Instagram like Bear Grylls trekking in the rugged wilderness. As such, it goes without saying that a smartphone is the best friend a Gen Z-er can have barring an actual human best friend: enter the Huawei nova 5T.

As the fresh successor to the Nova series of devices, the Huawei nova 5T delivers a substantial upgrade to its already stellar pedigree. Kids today might scratch their heads at a pager or floppy disk, but they’ll certainly appreciate all the sweet tech the nova 5T has to offer:

Make random moments iconic with the Ultra-Wide Angle lens and 48MP HD camera.

No squad is too large for the nova 5T’s new ultra-wide angle shooter, which can capture more subjects in a single frame than a regular lens. Vacation shots in particular can achieve a greater degree of awesome with this dedicated landscape mode. If it’s for the gram, though, the 48MP HD main lens delivers in spades with its AI-powered HDR feature capturing every crisp little detail, no matter the scenario.

A 32MP Selfie Camera or, TFW your selfies aren’t a grainy mess
Say hello to a new dimension called bright and clear nighttime selfies, courtesy of the nova 5T’s 32MP selfie shooter. Kids will never know the agony of VGA front cameras but they’ll definitely enjoy high-resolution selfies on the 5T, even when they’re doing dabs at dusk in a dimly-lit coffee shop.

No scope the competition with the Kirin 980 and GPU Turbo 3.0
Photography isn’t the only talent up the nova 5T’s sleeve; the Kirin 980 chipset with 8GB of RAM at its heart ensures a lag-free performance across the board, especially gaming. With the GPU Turbo 3.0 boosting graphical power while reducing power consumption by 10%, gamers can enjoy graphics-heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Vainglory, and Arena of Valor for much longer.

Fresh and New Color Gradient to Match Your Mood
The HUAWEI nova 5T come available in three inventive color schemes: Crush Blue, Dark Black, and Midsummer Purple. A refined finish provides a unique texture, and accentuates lighting contrasts, creating a multi-layered 3D effect on a flat surface. An enhanced reflective design endows each phone with a holographic look.

The smartphone of choice for a smart generation
Through a brilliant combination of flagship-grade specs, futuristic hardware design and affordable pricing, the Huawei nova 5T has what it takes (and more) to satisfy even the savviest Gen Z individual knee-deep in Twitter hashtags and Instagram followers.

Pricing and Availability

Consumers eager to experience the Huawei nova 5T’s greatness can pre-order the device on September 6 until September 13, which includes a free Huawei surround speakers worth Php 1,990 and a FREE IFLIX Membership for one year worth PHP 1,308! To know more, please visit Huawei page:

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