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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Ionair Purifier: Helps you breathe clean air wherever you go

Even before the pandemic, I always have a sanitizer and wet wipes ready inside my bag wherever I go.  My friends even tease me for being super OC, but I guess its become a habit of mine to spray alcohol whenever I hold a door handle, touch those atm keypads, or even after exchanging money. 

Maybe its because I've worked in a hospital for a long time that I know how important it is to make sure that the surfaces I touch are clean-- I'll spray the elevator keypads, the chair where I am sitting inside the doctor's office when waiting for my name to be called. I've actually become paranoid that  I only use my own ballpen. Because who knows if the people that touched those before you are sick.  Those things  are ticking bombs  ready to infect everyone with some virus. 

I lost count spraying my hands with alcohol,  even if they've become dry and itchy. 

So when COVID-19 came I became even extra careful about  touching everything. We never went out during the ECQ except to buy food and I've never rode a public transpo since the pandemic, and I dont think I ever will unless there's a cure or vaccine.  I've even become more particular about the face masks I'm wearing, and when I do use a cloth mask I make sure to tuck in a surgical mask beneath it.

And when I saw people posting about one of those air purifier's around their necks, I  started researching about its benefits and came across the  Ionair Purifier. 

It was a friend who actually suggested IonAir to me and explained why she got one as well.  

IonAir is a necklace air purifier & negative ion generator. It weighs only 26g so its very light to wear everywhere and have clean air wherever you go.

If you dont want to use it as a necklace, you can also just place it on your work table or bedside when you are sleeping. You can attach it on baby strollers or side bags. Hang around your pets' tags. 


When IonAir starts emitting negative ions, it will constantly remove the pollutants away from the breathing zone. it's an anion, and the anion that's released is going to combine with the dust in the air, and it's going to release 5 million per centimeter cubed. When the indication light turns green in the device, it means it's
cleaning the air and purifies many harmful substances in the air.

  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves breathing
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers Blood pressure
  • Regulates sleep patterns and mood

I've been using IonAir for about a week now. I hanged it in my bed frame and I slept 8 hours straight. I woke up each morning feeling revitalized. I used it everyday when I am doing my 30 minutes exercise. It helps me energized. 

Its available for only P2499. 

For more info you may visit Facebook @Ionair Purifier and Instagram @Ionair PH 


  1. Nice product 👍, daming benefits from this product. Thanks for sharing this.💙

  2. YaY! This is nice perfect for my daughter she's asthmatic person 👍😍❤

  3. Yes mommy dpat po tlga lage tayo may dalang alcohol or sanitizer whenever we go out Para po safe. And perfect din po etong air purifier Para safe po Yun hangin na nilalanghap natin kasi di po natin nakikita ang ating kalaban na virus. Atleast po pag may suot po tayo na ganito safe po tayo. 😊


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