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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Giving your kids a better and safer online learning experience with WiFi technology

It appears that online learning is here to stay, at least until it’s safe once again to conduct face-to-face classroom sessions. Families are thriving with the online learning environment as the new norm and upgrading the home internet set-up has become imperative.  


The last thing you need are dead spots and weak signal areas in certain parts of your house, right? Many people might think their existing WiFi and router set-up is already good enough for their needs. What they don’t know is that equipping their household with a WiFi Mesh system takes their internet experience to a whole new level. As its name suggests, this system boosts internet connectivity and provides wider internet coverage without experiencing any of those troublesome dead spots practically anywhere in the house.


PLDT Home offers excellent benefits for this WiFi Mesh system, and here are the some of them.


One, setting it up is a breeze, your connection should be up and running in no time!


Two, thanks to its dual-band Wi-Fi technology, it automatically detects the best connectivity possible for any device. This means that whether you’re accessing basic internet applications – such as online surfing or research for daily study homework, attending online classes, and watching online videos for learning – it can identify the connection most applicable to your current use, allowing consistent and efficient connectivity. 


Three, its seamless roaming makes it possible to use only one Wi-Fi name in the house—room to room; in the lower floor or the upper floor—no need for multiple sign-ins! This allows you to conveniently set up or move your children’s learning spaces anytime and anywhere in the house without worrying about internet connectivity reaching the room, no matter how far it is from your internet’s main router. 


Four, connectivity management is made even easier, thanks to its mobile app where you can see all connected devices—from your smartphone or tablet—even while you’re on the go. 


Five, the WiFi Mesh system has powerful parental controls to keep your children safe while they’re online. You can set multiple user profiles on your network and assign timed usage and blocked content for each, making this feature perfect for that peace of mind every parent deserves.


PLDT Home offers an array of WiFi Mesh devices for as low as Php 298 per month for a starter kit, which already comes with two mesh units. Subscribers who need more internet coverage at home can also avail of an additional mesh device for as low as Php 149 per month.  


For more information on PLDT Home Wifi Mesh system, visit



  1. Ganda naman nito para sa safety ng kids ganda ng features 💖

  2. Galing naman neto. Basta PLDT HOMES tlaga perfect for family tlaga.

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