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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Shop smart and save big at Shopwise and The Marketplace!

Grocery shopping can sometimes be a stressful chore. Buyers face the challenge of picking healthy and fresh alternatives, while looking for good deals and sticking to a budget. 


But with some guidelines and tips that are easy to follow, making healthy, smart selections can be more fun and convenient. 


Plan ahead 

The preparations start before leaving the home. Before you head to the supermarket, check your pantry, refrigerator, and cupboard to check the supplies that you still have and those that you need to repurchase. 

It also helps to plan out your menu for the week. List the dishes and the ingredients you need for each, checking which items you are missing and have to include in your shopping list.  

Go the extra mile and do your research before you go. Visit the websites and social media accounts of your favorite groceries and supermarkets to check for updates on their rewards programs or any new promos, so you know which ones have the best deals you can maximize.  

Eat before shopping 

Have filling snacks before you do the groceries, so you would not have to go around the aisles on an empty stomach and get tempted to make impulse purchases. There are also studies indicating that shopping for groceries while hungry can compel people into buying high-calorie or fatty products such as candy, salty snacks, soda, and instant food. Aside from being unhealthy, these items can also result in extra costs and impact your carefully thought-out budget. 


Shop with a purpose, priority 

When you get to the supermarket, focus on the basic and necessary items that are on your list—if it’s not there, resist the temptation to add it to your cart. 


To get bigger savings, you can also consider store-brand items. Because the supermarket’s name is on the package, it can assure buyers that the products are the best the store has to offer. 

Also make it a point to read labels, especially when purchasing new items or trying out new brands. This can help you compare products and go for the healthier, more nutritious alternative. 

Take advantage of deals, promos 

Follow your grocery store’s social media pages to stay updated on the latest deals, and sign up for its rewards program to earn points for the cash you spend. 

Supermarkets such as Shopwise have regular promos and discount offers. This month, they are running the Easy Peasy Fun shop and win promotion. You can win up to P500,000 worth of prizes for a minimum of P500 worth of items that includes P200 worth of participating brands. These include food items from Tulip, 555, Star Margarine, UFC, Arla, and Alaska, as well as cleaning and disinfecting products from Family Guard, Scotch Brite, Wizact 24, Del, Zim, Lysol, and Solbac. 


You can even enjoy free delivery when you purchase a minimum of PHP3,500 at Shopwise via GoRobinsons Online Grocery Delivery

To get even better deals, you can register and enroll in rewards programs such as Robinsons Rewards, which enables you to earn points for every purchase. At The Marketplace, members can use the app to avail themselves of exclusive discounts, freebies, and extra points. They can earn an additional 5 points when they include CDO Highlands Premium Beef Patties 452g, CDO Young Pork Bacon Smoked 400g, as well as Mars Chocolate Drink and Milky Way Chocolate Drink in their cart. Buyers of Old Spice Deodorant in Fresh and Pure Sport can get plus 50 points, while those who purchase the Similac Gain School 900g box and the 1.8kg pack can enjoy an additional 50 and 100 points, respectively. 


Signing up for the Robinsons Rewards program, or renewing one’s membership, is free. All you have to do is download the app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and quickly register online. For those who are already members of the program, they can use the app to track their points and avail of even more exclusive promos. Just simply link their card to the app by scanning the barcode found at the back. 


Shop smart and save big at Shopwise and The Marketplace! Get your daily essentials and enjoy great rewards with Robinsons Rewards, available for iOS and Android users. For more information, visit

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  1. Ang galing naman ni robinsons sarap mag shop maraming Sales and discounts ang laki nang ma save mo. Tapos pwede kapa magkaroon nang rewards kapag nag pupurchase ka.


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