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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

More celebrities raved about the Skin Magical and gave their two thumbs-up after seeing positive results on their skin

Ever wondered what's on a celebrity's skincare shelf that they are actually using? 

With so many skincare products available in the market, it can be tough to decide which brand is worth a try. The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best but the most trusted brand is, nonetheless, an excellent choice.


Skin Magical is one skincare brand that is affordable, effective and safe for all skin types. More and more celebrities even raved about the brand and gave their two thumbs-up after seeing positive results on their skin.

“Skin Magical is my go-to brand to achieve a radiant and smooth skin,” said Dimples Romana who has been with the brand for two years now. “It also empowers entrepreneurs like me to dream big and inspire others to achieve their goals in life.”

Joseph Marco said he instantly fell in love with Skin Magical’s Miracle Pore at his first try for being “gentle on my skin.”

Latest Skin Magical brand ambassadress Maja Salvador, on the other hand, loves the Skin Magical Apple Cider Foaming Wash. “Iba! It’s affordable yet it gives the exact proper care that my skin needs,” she said and added that she believed in the brand even prior to becoming an endorser “dahil marami na rin mga Pinoy ang tumatangkilik sa Skin Magical.”

Although celebrities are expected to have a skincare routine at night, Joseph is not fond of putting anything on his face before bedtime. “But now that I’ve tried the Magical Pore, I do not go to bed without first applying it on my face. Aside from it being affordable, Skin Magical truly has quality ingredients.”

Transgender woman Lars Pacheco, soc-med stars Anna Cay and DJ Loonyo are equally raving about Skin Magical.

“I have been to two Skin Magical events before even trying their skincare (products),” began Anna. “Nakaka-curious na kasi ang daming gumagamit at ang daming testimonials ng resellers. Finally, I started with Set 3 last year. Ang bilis ng pangyayari because after a week, my skin began to peel. It was a struggle at first but there truly is no gain without pain! Two weeks of using new Skin Magical skincare routine and my new skin revealed. This brand gained my trust.”


Lars admitted to be “very picky when it comes to my skin care. I tried different products and most of them are pricey. But when I tried Skin Magical, I knew it’s the right one for me. Pinaka-una kong ginamit was the rejuvenating soap which was a giveaway in the pageant that I joined. Then after ko ma-try, nag-hanap na ako ng mabibilhan. Then November, 2019, I didn’t expect that Madam Ghie will offer me to be one of its endorsers. Grabe!!!! What I am proud about Skin Magical is the quality and affordability.”


DJ Loonyo shared how he became an endorser. “I started being an endorser around April, 2020 and the products were sent to me in China. I trust Skin Magical because it’s a company that doesn't just take but also gives more para sa mga sumusuporta dito. The products also suit my skincare needs and I feel more confident with how I look whenever I use them. Skin Magical truly feels like a family.”


Joseph shared that he didn’t think long and hard about accepting the offer to endorse Skin Magical knowing that the brand does not only provide positive results on the skin but it also gives opportunities to others to start their own business.

Dimples agreed and told that being part of the family that cares for the community and provides livelihood to many all the more makes her proud as its brand ambassadress.

Skin Magical founder and chief operating officer MGP or Ms. Ghie Pangilinan’s business model is such that she does not only sell beauty products but also provides opportunities for other people to make money by reselling these products.


“I’ve always admired the mission and vision of Skin Magical as a company. I saw how Miss Ghie, together with her amazing team, would truly care for our skincare routine, how she would constantly empower those who are new in the business and those who look up to her for inspiration and guidance,” Dimples said. 


“Skin Magical is committed to providing a better opportunity to all aspiring ‘beauty-preneurs’ and offering high quality products to consumers,” stated Ghie.


The best sellers are the sets and soaps. Its flagship brands include the rejuvenating papaya soap, lotion and toner as well as the Skin Magical Rejuvenating Set, Adult Anti-Acne Set, Body Scar Removal Set, Magical Flawless Whitening Set among many others.


Visibly happy with the brand, Joseph encourages everyone to try the Skin Magical and recommends Skin Magical for those who also wish to make their beauty routine a successful business.

“Understand your target customers and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you will definitely learn from them. You can do this,” he concluded.


And before the end of 2020, actress actress Neri Naig collaborated with MGP and Skin Magical for its #TeamWais #WaisNaMisis campaign.

 (Skin Magical welcomes franchisees and resellers. For more details, visit


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