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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Three simple yet very effective ways to destress and unwind even when working from home

The usual everyday office life is long gone as almost all jobs have shifted to a work-from-home arrangement. Although it has its benefits, this new working landscape brings about a few downsides, which can be stressful and can negatively affect overall health.


Between having to adjust to the new demands of working online or feeling lonely by being physically away from co-workers, it’s crucial to destress and unwind even when working from home. 

Here are three simple yet very effective ways to do just that.


Start the day with a work-free morning

While the need for commuting to work became unnecessary, it’s better to ease into the workday by getting up maybe 30 minutes to an hour before work, allowing time for a morning routine. This way, there is no rush to log in and a clear mind has already been set.


Whether the routine will include cooking breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee or doing a quick work out, enjoy a work-free morning routine with cool and hygienic air from Samsung Digital Appliances’ first-ever Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner.  Keep the air conditioner until the rest of the day as this is very energy efficient, consuming 61% less energy than non-inverter air conditioners.


Set a time to call it a day

One of the easiest habits to form when working from home is continuing to work past normal hours and through the rest of the night, making room for more work, thus more stress. Setting a cut-off time and sticking to it will solidify the boundary between work and relaxation.


When all the tasks for the day have been completed, it may be time to shut the laptop down and call it a day. 


Invest the time, not only to fill the workday with important work priorities, but also to unwind when needed. With the air conditioner’s Fast Cooling feature, cooling down right after a workday is possible as it cools 15% faster than non-inverter air conditioners. 


Slow down and meditate

After stressful workdays at home, lingering stress and frustration is inevitable, negatively affecting one’s mental health. To get rid of this, it’s essential to take a breather as soon as work is done for the day.


Allotting even five minutes after work to follow a guided meditation or just sitting quietly to relax will be good for the mind. When taking this time to slow down after meetings and tasks, it’s also important to be in a cool, safe, and clean environment.


Samsung’s Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner is also equipped with a 3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Filter that consist of Silver Ion, Vitamin C, and Anti-Mite that are proven effective in destroying bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants.


A work-from-home day can be efficient and rewarding, as long as taking the time to do other things, such as resting or pursuing a hobby, is also a priority.


To learn more about the Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner, visit



  1. Nice. Thank you for sharing this po!

  2. Nice. Thank you for sharing this po!

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