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Friday, February 12, 2021

The Problem Down Under

We've all heard about love at first sight, but I don’t seem to recall anyone talking about love at first whiff. 


Yet I’m pretty sure, a lot of you my fellow readers, will agree that the smell of our partners plays a big role in a relationship. 


We connect scent with grooming, cleanliness and proper hygiene. We even have this saying “Mukhang Mabango.”  If they smell good, it means they take really good care of themselves. It may seem too superficial, but if a man couldn’t take care of himself, how can we expect them to take care of us right?

That perception is also true for us women. Did you know that proper grooming and hygiene ranks on top of the non-sexual turn-ons for men?


So as much as we love our men smelling good, we too should make sure we smell just as nice.


But what if that smell couldn’t be fixed by a spray of perfume or even taking multiple baths—especially when its coming from down under?


One of the things we women should be aware of is a case called bacterial vaginosis. According to bacterial vaginosis as “a type of vaginal inflammation caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, which upsets the natural balance. 


BV results from [an] overgrowth of one of several bacteria naturally found in your vagina. Usually, ‘good’ bacteria (lactobacilli) outnumber ‘bad’ bacteria (anaerobes). But if there are too many anaerobic bacteria, they upset the natural balance of microorganisms in your vagina and cause bacterial vaginosis.”

Now before you go asking your partner if he’s been smelling something fishy in your bedroom, know that there is actually a natural vaginal odor. My gynecologist told me that there should be a certain odor but not strong like a "smelly fish" or worse a dead animal. 


If your discharge smells bad or fishy, there may be something wrong and it may already be a sign of  BV or trichomoniasis. 


The normal vaginal pH balance can be disturbed, at worst resulting in irritations and infections by factors including hormonal changes, use of certain antibiotics, menstruation, overused sanitary napkins or tampons, synthetic panty liners, a diet high in sucrose and lactose, douching, and the use of feminine washes with inappropriate pH values. 


According to study, Bacterial vaginosis (usually just known as B.V.) is the most common vaginal infection in people ages 15 to 44, and it happens when there is too much of certain bacteria in your vagina. This throws off the pH of your vagina. 


While a Trichomoniasis, on the other hand,  is caused by a tiny parasite that moves between people during sex, and it’s actually pretty common. In addition to a stinky smelly discharge, it can make your genitals itch and cause painful peeing, though many people experience no symptoms.


The question now is how can you prevent and get rid of smelly vaginal odor?


1. First thing is to invest in good underwear. If you’re wearing a silk undies, try polyester or cotton.


2. Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants or leggings. 


3. Eat healthy, because what you eat may play a big factor in your vaginal odor.


4.  You could try EcoVag.  EcoVag is a lactobacillus capsule that claims to significantly reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis and effectively treat symptoms of vaginal discomfort. EcoVag capsules used in the study contained strains of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus gasseri. 

EcoVag probiotic suppositories can be used to complement your antifungal or bacterial vaginosis treatment, or as a preventative measure to help maintain a healthy vaginal microflora to avoid yeast or bacterial infections in future.


EcoVag is natural so it wont have any side effects when you use it in the long run. EcoVag capsules improve vaginal discomfort with symptoms such as unpleasant odor, itching or unusual discharge.


To use, EcoVag is inserted deep into the vagina, like a suppository. It is best done right before bedtime to allow it to dissolve in the vagina as you sleep. It is taken for 6 to 8 consecutive days and promises to eliminate the symptoms of vaginosis. It is safe to use during breastfeeding but not to be used during menstruation.


EcoVag is a product imported from Denmark and distributed locally by , a resource management company that provides marketing, operational and financial expertise to start-up businesses like Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp.


Compact Pharmaceuticals is the same manufacturer of Jewel-Cee a  sodium ascorbate vitamin which we featured a few weeks back. They are also introducing a new  sildenafil citrate brand called Hydenex.

Sildenafil, more commonly known as Viagra was used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, but due to its side effects of increasing blood flow to the penis, its now being used by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 


For older men or even those who need a little help in keeping it up to satisfy their partners, its best to talk to your doctor first about the possibility of taking sildenafil citrate/Hydenex as it cannot simply be bought over the counter. It is also something that cannot be taken by people who have heart condition and taking nitrate medications.

Hydenex and Ecovag are now available in select drugstores in the country. For your safety, consult your doctor before using Hydenex or EcoVag.




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