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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Here is a list of back-to-work essentials that will help keep you safe as you hustle in the new normal

Ever since quarantine measures have eased up, many have returned to working in the office – and that number is expected to increase with the start of the New Year. 

If you’re one of those people, every single safety precaution is a must. Apart from strict social distancing, here is a list of back-to-work essentials that will help keep you safe as you hustle in the new normal.


Mask and shield. Of course, this has to be first on the list! If you’re going back to the office, you can't leave your house without a proper face mask. In case you run out, leading stores at SM offer a variety of options from the usual surgical and KN95 masks to the more colorful and fashionable cloth masks. 



 Kinepin Kn95 face mask and face shield from The SM Store



All-in-one pouch!  Ever struggled rummaging through your bag just to look for your alcohol spray? A travel pouch could be the solution! You can insert a small travel pouch in your bag with all your safety essentials, such as hand sanitizers, soaps, and wipes. That way, you can easily find it inside your bag. Another possible solution is alcohol sprays on keychains so you can easily attach them outside your bag. Watsons at SM has a lot of cute options available!


Head to The SM Store to get travel pouch for your safety essentials, a case for your face mask and bottle holder for your alcohol or hand sanitizer. 


Drink on the go. Invest in a tumbler so you can always have water or your favorite juice with you to stay healthy amid the pandemic. Plus, you get to save money and help the environment at the same time! The SM Store and top brands at SM offer a wide variety of options for you that you can even personalize to your heart’s content. 


Clean breathing space. Wearable air purifiers claim to release negative ions to purify the air around you from airborne pollutants, which may help drive viruses away from your immediate breathing zone. Some studies state that they may have many health benefits, such as boosting your mood, reducing stress levels, and improving sleep. Check out SM Cyberzone and leading stores at SM for yours!



Air purifier necklace available at SM Cyberzone and The SM Store 



Always on plan.  After a year when most things were out of your control, experts say a planner can be therapeutic. It allows you to have some control in your life. It also lets you be more organized and less frantic since it can help you keep track of deadlines. The best part of having a planner: you get to make the most of your time and save some of it for yourself and your family. Now that's work-life balance! If you want a selection of 2021 planners with a variety designs, check out different bookstores and office supplies stores at your local SM mall.







The Leuchtturn1917 Daily Planner 2021 (left) and Moleskine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Daily Planner (right) available at National Book Store. Visit Shopmag for more planners to keep your life on track. 


Can’t have too many umbrellas. Beat the scorching heat or the pouring rain when you go outside. Even before the pandemic, an umbrella has always been an outdoor essential in the Philippines, especially since the weather can be unpredictable. Whenever you go out for work, make sure you have an umbrella inside your bag – you'll never know when you'll need it. The SM Store has plenty of options for you!


Music to relax. Many believe that music can enhance cognitive performance. If you find yourself getting a bit stressed out, just put on your headphones and play your favorite song on a low volume. This will help you relax a bit and create personal space. As a result, you get to focus on your work, regain concentration, and improve productivity. Aside from that, headphones may also come in handy during those virtual calls and online events you have to attend for work. You can check out SM Cyberzone to get quality headphones and your other tech needs.


 Sennheiser HD206 (left) and Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (right) available at SM Cyberzone


Sport a new back-to-office look with wide clothing selection from SM Woman and SM Men at The SM Store.

New year, new lookWhat better way to say "new year, new me" than by rocking a whole different look from head to toe? After a tough 2020, treat yourself to some enjoyable shopping and get the latest fashion items! And once you go back to the office, surprise your officemates with your upgraded style and aesthetic. If you want a new look for the workplace, SM has all the leading stores that have the best clothes, shoes and bags from business casual to formal wear and everything in between.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this po! 😍

  2. That was a nice Reminders and Tips . Sobrang dapat pa tlaga tayong magInqat sa araw araw


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