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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pacific Cross: The Medical Protection You Deserve

Pacific Cross Philippines (PCPH) proves their commitment to serving clients by providing reliable assistance amidst the COVID-19 crisis. PCPH has been providing coverage for COVID-19 since March 2020, superseding their standard exclusion on pandemics for their medical plans.


Patients can incur large expenses for getting hospitalized when availability of a treatment for a disease is uncertain. Epidemics and pandemics are normally excluded from medical insurance coverage for this reason.


According to the Department of Health, over 500,000 cases of COVID-19 infections have been recorded in the Philippines. Getting hospitalized for the disease can amount to millions of pesos—money most Filipinos do not have. PCPH understands having medical insurance to cover for such a hefty cost is invaluable.

“We have always thought of Pacific Cross as an instrument in aiding our clients especially in these trying times. We want to be a reliable and trusted ally for our customers. We will continue to be here for our clients by providing support to them when and where we can,” said Pacific Cross President and CEO Mr. Daniel Daly on why they decided to provide coverage for COVID-19.


As of January 2021, Pacific Cross Philippines has assisted over 400 clients affected by COVID-19 and has paid over PHP 57 million in medical claims. 


In September 2020, PCPH earned a rating of PRS A for financial strength from the Philippine Rating Services Corporation. The rating means that PCPH is financially strong and able to fulfill all their financial obligations while maintaining steady cash flow. They continue to be #HereForYou even in the midst of this pandemic and for years to come.

The Medical Protection You Deserve


With over 70 years of solid experience in the insurance industry, PCPH has taken their expertise to fine tune products and provide value-packed medical insurance plans such as their Select Plans. These plans let clients enjoy no-cash-outlay for in-patient and emergency out-patient medical treatment using Pacific Cross’s accredited network. Clients can also opt to file their eligible claims for reimbursement with Pacific Cross. 


PCPH’s Select Plans are sought after for its basic hospital benefits, critical care benefits, surgical benefits, coverage of auto-immune conditions, annual physical examination, and value added benefits such as sports coverage for recreational sports like scuba diving and free child coverage for any number of children born by a female client during her period of insurance with Pacific Cross.


PCPH’s highest benefits paid in 2019 were for surgeon’s fee, diagnostic laboratory tests and operating room fee – a glimpse of benefits PCPH’s Select Plans offer and are proven valuable to its policyholders which further show that Select Plans can and will be #HereForYou through any medical journey. 


Providing Support to MSMEs and Freelancers


The Department of Trade and Industry has reported a 41% increase in business registrations in 2020. Because a healthy team keeps operations running smoothly, it is necessary for businesses, regardless of size, to provide medical protection to their workforce. 


PCPH makes this possible for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses with their BC Flexi Access Plans. On top of in-patient and out-patient benefits, the plans also provide emergency benefits, worldwide emergency assistance services, and levels of coverage for pre-existing conditions, including congenital conditions (depending on the plan). BC Flexi Access also provides convenience in seeking medical treatment with its no cash-outlay availment for covered benefits using Pacific Cross’s accredited network. These plans cover COVID-19 as with their other medical insurance plans.


PCPH also helps individuals earn high commission rates, undergo sales trainings and receive incentives by selling Pacific Cross Medical Plans. They currently have over 700 Direct Tied Agents, Licensed Independent Agents and Financial Planners. 


Pacific Cross is a leading medical and travel insurance provider in the Philippines. As Pacific Cross is here to find ways to best serve clients during times of need, they are superseding their standard exclusion on pandemics for Medical Plans and will provide coverage for COVID-19. Pacific Cross reserves the right to review and limit coverage and/or impose the exclusion on pandemics at any time. For more details on Pacific Cross products and services, please visit, e-mail, call +63 2 8230-8511 or follow PacificCrossPH on Facebook.


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