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Monday, April 19, 2021

Best of the C series? The realme c25 was built to last at a price that’s tough below 10K

Ever since I got introduced to realme, my views on smartphones have changed a lot. As you know I’m not much of a techie unlike most young people are, but after getting the chance to review several of realme’s phones last year, I found more uses for it besides social media postings and the usual web browsing. 


With the pandemic forcing us to stay indoors most of last year, our smartphones have become the most important piece of technology that has allowed us not only to stay connected and entertained, but also get our work done and even use it for business. 

Before, I look at my phone as just something I use for work, so I just want to put it down after updating my social media feed and sharing my blogposts. But since I’ve installed Netflix and HBO Go, my phone has also become a source of joy everytime I get to watch my favorite series. Recently however, I’ve given up those movies and tv series and have been so engrossed in watching live selling of bags on Facebook.


As they say, it is natural to feel stress, anxiety, and worry during these difficult times, so its best to surround yourself with things that would make you happy—and for me watching those sellers displaying those luxury handbags has been my therapy. 


After a long day of writing and blog posting. Just seeing those preloved SA quality (almost new) Class A & B bags and hunting for ‘THE ONE” I like and could afford keeps me excited and up all night.


And do you know where I’ve been watching them nightly? On my realme c25!


The c25 is the latest in “C” series smartphone from realme. And even though it’s part of their entry-level lineup, realme has again made sure its specs and performance that make it worth way more than its price!


The realme c25 has a large 6.5 inch screen that’s bright and vivid and its 1600x720 resolution is enough for watching those YouTube and FB videos or for streaming those movies or KDrama series. It only has a single speaker but its also loud enough for in-room use. 


Build quality is solid and its not to heavy to hold even for prolonged use. The one I have is the Water Blue, which isn’t as bright as realme’s previous colorways, but it actually looks a lot more elegant thanks to its “Geometric Art Design.” 

Unlike other realme smartphones, the realme C25’s back cover is processed using the industry-leading German five axis precise radium engraving machine and undergoes 300 minutes of polishing. Additionally, 450+ curves are engraved to create a special reflective light effect. The use of this technology makes the realme C25 less susceptible to fingerprints, protects it from scratches and gives it a much better grip even without the plastic case. 

The lens, flashlight and cameras are housed in a squircle module on the top right with the fingerprint sensor near its lower right corner. The finger sensor is fast and very reliable and its positioning makes it very easy to reach and unlock your phone. 


The realme C25 boasts a 48MP triple camera setup, making it stand out from the competition The realme C25 has a primary camera with 48MP image sensor and f/1.8 large aperture that secures enough light to make pictures clearer and brighter. It is then paired with a macro lens that allows you to shoot macro photos with sharp details and a B&W Lens to shoot better portraits.  After using it the other day for a photoshoot, I think it has the best camera among the current C series phones.


Check out sample photos post in my Instagram:

Photos taken outside have great detail and could compare with photos taken by other pricier phones. Portraits shots do have that bokeh- blur effect, although I’m not sure how the B&W lens can improve those shots. I’ve also taken a liking to taking close-up shots of small flowers because of the macro mode. I do miss taking those scenery shots though because it doesn’t have a wide angle lens.


The 8MP Selfie Camera on the other hand supports AI beautification, HDR mode and portrait mode and I’m quite satisfied at the results. 


Now, what really makes the c25 stand out its TÜV Rheinland Smartphone High-Reliability Certification. I’ve heard of TUV Rheinland for eye comfort certification, but the c25 pushes that even further. 


The realme C25 is the first smartphone in the world that passed the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone High-Reliability Certification so if you are looking for a phone that’s tough and built to last the realme c25 might just be the phone for you.


The TÜV Rheinland certification test involves 23 major tests, including 10 daily use test scenarios, such as drop, wear, and tear; 7 extreme environment test scenarios, including super extreme temperature, extreme humidity, voltage fluctuation, button life, static electricity, air pressure; and six component reliability test scenarios. Well if the c25 can pass that, it could probably survive your day to day abuse. Just don’t purposely drop it or forcibly try to break it. 

Now for those who also watch those live selling events, you know they could last for hours which isn’t a problem for the realme c25. The c25 has a 6000mAh massive battery capacity to provide you enough juice for those long viewings or binge watching.  When you do run out of battery, the realme c25 supports 18W Quick Charge on USB Type C, but charging it from 0 to 100 percent still takes some time.


As for performance, the realme C25 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G70 processor, 4GB of RAM which means most apps will run smoothly and operating the device should be a lag-free experience. You could also choose from either 65GB or 128GB storage so you’ll have plenty of space for photos, videos or music. 


The MediaTek Helio G70 is also a gaming processor so if you are into games, the realme c25 wont have a problem running your favorite shooting, racing or Mobile Legends type of games.


Is the realme c25 is a good buy at its price of P7490? 

For me it’s yes its a good buy especially if you are a fan of realme smartphones. The large screen is great for watching videos. The 48 MP cameras are very capable of taking nice photos. The processor does the job and could keep up with your daily tasks and the 6000 mAh battery could last you a day or even two with light usage. 


It’s a good choice for moms who are starting their small online business and need to take photos of their products, or do live selling. It’s a good budget phones for students who are studying at home or those delivery/transport people who need a smartphone that has been certified and built to last.



  1. Ang bongga talaga nang Realme C25 mamsh. All in All very satisfying to used. Display, battery and even in Camera very perfect lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Most of our doing was taking picture. Anytime and anywhere. In battery, perfect siya when you want to watched all your favorites dahil sobrang bongga.

  2. Grabe ang gandA po nitong Realme C25. Napaka ganda ng specs nya pati yung camera nya is triple 😍 At yung battery nya is 6000 mah talagang pang matagalan ang battery nya. pwedeng pwede din ito sa mga mahilig mag games sa cp. Gusto ko ang design nya at ang color talagang mapapabili ka nito dahil Murang mura lang sya.. Sulit na sulit talaga 😍

  3. parang gusto ko ng realme c25.simple lang at affordable pa..

  4. parang gusto ko ng realme c25.simple lang at affordable pa..

  5. I agree smartphone has a big part on keeping us entertain during this time of pandemic. That's why it's really good to have a quality phone just like this realme c25. It has an amazing specifications and a price that's less than 10k. I really appreciate your honest review of c25 about the things on what would we expect in that phone.

  6. Tama naman po . Lalo na ngyong panahon mas nging in ang mga smartphones laging gngamit at tlga hndi mkklimutan sa bag . Ang ganda ng realmec25 na ito ung camera and battery , very affordable price lang din siya 🤗❤️ (Apple Joy Camañero)

  7. ang ganda talaga ng realmec25 and very nice ang quality lalo na ang camera worth it to buy 👍💯

  8. I also watched your unboxing. I like your review as well. This realme C25 is a great value for money. A high quality yet very affordable phone. I saw samples of your shots and I like them. This is highly recommended for its superb specifications and features.


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