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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

PLDT introduces the all-new Home Biz Fibr Asenso Plans

If youre starting up on business and needed a strong internet connection at home, PLDT introduces the all-new Home Biz Fibr Asenso Plans, with faster speeds and better e-commerce solutions especially designed for home-based entrepreneurs to better help them in mastering their businesses at home.


The new Home Biz Asenso Fibr plans enable these home-based entrepreneurs to do more with their businesses with faster internet speeds, free digital solutions from e-commerce partners, seamless unlimited calls to any PLDT landline and to any Smart, Sun or TNT mobile number, and a free CAT 6 Prepaid Home Wi-fi as a mobile back-up internet so that their business always stays connected. 


With the challenges of the pandemic, entrepreneurs are able to thrive by quickly responding to the need of their businesses to shift to digital. We have upgraded our PLDT Home Biz Asenso Plans to fully equip our entrepreneurs in making that digital transformation – all within the safety of their own homes. Aside from providing them with faster and seamless connectivity, we are enabling them with digital tools such as a website builder, and payment and delivery solutions,” said Patrick Tang, Vice President and Head of PLDT Home Biz.


Connections made Faster, Stronger, Bigger and Simpler

Now home-based entrepreneurs can enjoy up to 60 Mbps speeds with the all-new PLDT Home Biz Asenso Fibr Plans.


Connectivity has also become stronger as each PLDT Home Biz subscription comes with a free CAT6 Prepaid Home Wi-fi unit pre-loaded with 10GB data as a mobile back-up to ensure that the business is always connected. 


Home Biz subscribers also can now seamlessly and conveniently communicate with anyone and everywhere using just their PLDT landline, as the new Asenso Fibr Plans comes with unlimited calls to PLDT, Smart, Sun, and TNT networks. 


Beyond connectivity, PLDT Home Biz also powers home-based entrepreneurs with a robust e-commerce ecosystem– from online store building to payment and delivery platforms. PLDT Home Biz has teamed up with the country’s top digital solution providers for end-to-end business solutions such as online store builder and hosting by UnionBank GlobalLinker, secure and hassle-free online payments by PayMaya, and delivery options by Grab and LBC.


PLDT Home Biz is also supported by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through a partnership that gives entrepreneurs direct access to the latest business trends, learning opportunities, and events organized by DTI. 


Home-based entrepreneurs can now master their business from home better, faster, and stronger with the new PLDT Home Biz plans. Visit for more details.



  1. Malaki tlaga ang naitutulong netong PLDT homes saten. Bukod sa mgandang internet connection at magandang service. Sinisigurado talaga nilang mag eenjoy talaga ang kanilang mga Costumer. Very nice tlaga.

  2. Having a faster and stronger internet connection at home is very important. We all know that almost all of us have started doing business at home and kids started their online class. That's why Having a strong internet at home like this newly introduced Home Biz Fibr Asenso Plans from PLDT is important. This is really amazing.

  3. Kapag malaki at mabilis tlga very helpful tlga ito . Lalo na sa mga work from home and lalo na sa mga students na online class . Magging in itong home biz fibr asenso plans ng pldt . 🤗❤️(Apple Joy Camañero)

  4. talagang ang galing ng pldt lalo na for having stronger and faster internet connection we need this talaga for online class and work from home

  5. Exciting tong PLDT Home Biz Fibr Asenso Plans. Mas mabilis ang speed kaya mas convenient ang connectivity. Kudos PLDT for giving your consumers an exceptional service.

  6. The best talaga ang Pldt . Napaka bilis talaga ng internet connection nito.. Talagang sinusugurado ng PLDT na mag eenjoy lahat ng mga costumer. Kaya perfect nna perfect talaga ito sa mga nag oonline class at may business sa bahay 😊❤️


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