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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Jollibee encourages people to value and appreciate the time with family

"To a child, "love" is spelled time."

Since, Im not living with my kids anymore, I always set aside quality time, visiting them twice or thrice a month. Just because, I dont want to compromise our health together, I always take extra precautions traveling, with the onset of coronavirus, this part of everyday life has become risky for everyone in the family. What I do , if I am not near them is I call, text and remind them to take their vitamins everyday, go out when necessary and wear a mask and face shield. 

Im praying that this pandemic would be over soon, so that I get to visit my loved ones at any given time.

In these difficult times, the one thing that matters most is how you spend it with your loved ones. In my case, since Im not living with my kids anymore, I always set aside time for them 
During these challenging times brought about by the pandemic, there’s one important thing that all of us can be grateful for—that is the opportunity to spend more time with our families. That is the heart of the message that Jollibee wants to convey as it launches the Jollibee Family Thanksgiving Month celebration this May. 


Through the Jollibee Family Thanksgiving Month, the country’s number one fast-food chain aims to start a new tradition to enjoin everyone to openly and actively express their gratitude towards their family and loved ones.  


Jollibee launched this initiative via a virtual presscon held last April 29, headlined by its long-time Jollibee endorser Anne Curtis who was officially introduced as the campaign’s ambassador. Now with a family of her own, Anne shared with the media attendees how grateful she is for her family’s support and love throughout the years. 

“Growing up I feel very fortunate to be showered with much love from my parents and sister, and now my husband Erwan and baby Dahlia. So, every chance I get I want to make them feel how much I appreciate them – whether spending more quality time with them, sharing a meal, or even saying a simple thank you”, says Anne.  


The event also served as the launchpad of the campaign’s manifesto video directed by Joel Ruiz and featuring Anne Curtis in her first comeback project with Jollibee after returning from a year-long break in Australia with her family and newborn daughter Dahlia. The short but meaningful video reminds everyone why we should be thankful for our family and make the effort or go the extra mile to express their gratitude more often starting with the Family Thanksgiving Month. 

“We think that this is the perfect time to start openly showing our appreciation to the people who matter most to us – our families. Jollibee has always been about joy of family and togetherness, and with the launch of the Family Thanksgiving Month, we hope to remind and encourage people to appreciate the time we spend with our families, and to say thank you for all the things that they have done or continued doing for us not just for a day, or a month but for as long as we can. Because if there’s one thing that this pandemic taught us, it’s to never take anything for granted and cherish the people who matter most,” says JFC Philippines Country/Regional Marketing Head and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head Francis Flores. 


Another highlight of the program was a panel discussion on the topic ‘Why appreciating our Family is important’, with Anne, Francis Flores and couple parenting experts Edric and Joy Mendoza. The panel discussion was streamed live on Jollibee's official Facebook page.

To cap off the event, Anne led the media guests in saying their simple thank you to loved ones via the #IDontSayThisEveryDayBut activity. This online movement has been trending on Instagram, with Jollibee endorsers, influencers, and netizens all expressing their gratitude to their families. With its virality on Instagram, netizens took the initiative to bring the #IDontSayThisEveryDayButMovement on Facebook and Twitter as well, resulting in thousands of posts in a matter of days. 

Watch out for the launch of the Jollibee’s Family Thanksgiving Video this coming May 1 in Jollibee’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Anne Curtis, now a loving wife and mom, takes on the journey as a Family Ambassador for Jollibee’s Family Thanksgiving Month.


Directed by Joel Ruiz, Jollibee releases a manifesto video encouraging people to express their gratitude to their loved ones in time for the nationwide celebration of the Family Thanksgiving Month.


Jollibee’s new manifesto video shows the important role that family plays especially during this pandemic, and encourages people to value and appreciate the time with them.  


  1. I really love all their commercial and Advertisements. Meron tlagang aral at bagay na maappreciate mo. Love is Always the center of it and its pointing to.. Super special talaga lalo na for family Andun yong connection. Very encouragement and every filipino Loves Jollibee.

  2. I really like this way of Jollibee to encourage people to value and appreciate the time with family. During this time of pandemic we have a lot of time to be spend with our family and we need to build a strong relationship with them. It is very important for the family to build a strong connection because this will help the foundation of the family to get stronger.I really love Jollibee for this.

  3. The best tlga ang jollibee kapag gumagawa ng advertisements . For family or friends relationships . Hndi mawawala ung love . Lalo na pag sa family dun natin mkikita ung strong ng family 🤗❤️ (Apple Joy Camañero)

  4. Wow. Ang nice naman po nito. 😍 Gusto ko ang commercial and advertisements. Magandang paraan po talaga ang ginawa ng Jollibee Para sa boong pamilya..

  5. Talagang ang galing ni jollibee inuuna talaga always ang family nakakatuwa sila dahil ang priority Nila ang pamilya kaya ako kahit man lang sa tawag or txt ay always kong kinakamusta an mga family ko


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