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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Check out how having the Band 6 can improve health habits and even productivity levels

Homebound life has a lot of people sitting indoors for hours at length, save the occasional trip to the bathroom or kitchen. It’s no good to neglect physical activity though, and having the Huawei Band 6 on the wrist makes a whole lot of difference health-wise versus the couch potato lifestyle. 

Huawei’s newest fitness tracker provides plenty of exciting opportunities to move those stiff muscles around, especially with its variety of indoor-friendly workout modes, round-the-clock health monitoring, and super long-lasting battery uptime. Plus, the Band 6 is compatible with iOS and other Android devices so users across all platforms can enjoy maximum accessibility.


Check out how having the Band 6 can improve health habits and even productivity levels, just by having the tracker as a companion:


All-day SpO2 monitoring for ideal blood oxygen levels

It can be hard to identify fatigue until the adverse effects set in, which makes the Huawei Band 6’s all-day SpO2 (blood oxygen) monitoring a useful tool. Users can view their detailed blood oxygen saturation data on the Band 6, informing users of their ideal SpO2 measurements or alerting them if they fall within unhealthy levels.


By looking at this data, Band 6 users can be reminded to get out for some fresh air, drink plenty of water, and eat more iron-rich food to keep oxygen circulating through the body.


What’s more, the Band 6 can last for up to 2 weeks on a single full charge, assuring users of a continuous and accurate health guidance without hassle.


Workout modes to fit any environment


With a whopping 96 modes for both indoor and outdoor exercise, the Band 6 provides a versatile workout program whenever and wherever the urge to get moving arises. The watch’s smart sensors identify which workout is being performed and gauges heart rate, calories burned, exercise duration and other relevant data for later analysis.


This data can be viewed and used in conjunction with the Huawei Health app, useful when setting training goals or maximizing exercise efficiency.


Dynamic heart rate and sleep monitoring

With the Huawei TruSeen 4.0 tech onboard the Band 6, the watch can track both active and resting heart rate. This powerful tool can give users an idea for, say, optimizing exercise routines by targeting 60 - 85% of maximum heart rate. This also ensures intense workouts can be performed safely and avoid overexertion.


The Band 6 also provides resting heart rate data, which in many cases can mitigate health risks especially if low heart rate is accompanied by symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, etc.


The Huawei TruSleep 2.0, meanwhile, detects and analyzes the user’s sleep quality through monitoring of sleep stages, heart and breathing rate, etc. Examining one’s sleep duration and other patterns help identify issues such as insomnia, shallow sleep, excessive REM periods, and other problems. With this, users can make the appropriate adjustments to their bedtime habits for healthier sleep.


Compact and powerful form factor


Huawei developed the Band 6 to be a true all-scenario wearable, enabling users to maximize it as a fitness tracker or accessorize with it for other lifestyle purposes. The 1.47-inch FullView AMOLED Display allows for presenting crisp visuals for data and other information, while the aspect ratio contributes to its user-friendliness.


The customizable watch faces adds an extra degree of personalization, on top of the multiple colorways available. Most importantly, the Band 6 is extremely durable despite its light weight and comfortable fit, thanks to the application of fiberglass reinforced polymer for its materials.


Enhanced fitness guidance with Huawei Health app


Syncing the Huawei Health app with the Band 6 brings an all-in-one fitness monitoring experience to users. Access all data and analysis results within the app’s detailed but easy-to-understand visuals, share progress with friends, and even compete in global fitness challenges to satisfy that competitive spirit.


The Huawei Health app is compatible with non-Huawei devices as well, making it an adaptable method to access scientific health tracking, regardless of platform. Huawei users can download the app from AppGallery, while non-Huawei device owners can use official download links. For Apple users, the Huawei Health app is downloadable on the Apple App Store.


All-scenario AI life


The Huawei Band 6 is part of the brand’s massive device ecosystem, which constitutes the overall AI Life strategy it envisions. Basically, owning a Huawei device opens the user up to a multitude of intelligent possibilities with this tech ecosystem, letting them experience an AI-enhanced lifestyle that brings them the things they need in a seamless and cohesive fashion, regardless of the form factor.


As this ecosystem grows, the more users benefit from Huawei’s vision of a smart life powered by innovation and ingenuity. 

Huawei F Band 6 for pre-order



Pre-orders for Huawei Band 6 (SRP is PHP 2,599) will be on April 19 - April 29, which will also include limited-time Bluetooth speakers (worth Php 1,499)  as freebies. Customers can pre-order both devices online via the Huawei Store, Lazada, and Shopee, including a number of participating banks such as Unionbank, RCBC, Metrobank, BPI, BDO, and more.


To pre-order, you may check out this link:





  1. Wow. Very Nice Huawei. Hindi lang the best on mobile phone but also in fitness and wellness din.

  2. the best talaga ang brand ng huawei lalo na itong huawei band 6 very nice quality and perfect sa mga nagwowork out

  3. To all the things that happening in our world, one of the most important thing that we should be concern of is our health. It us really important to keep ourselves physically healthy. Thanks to this band 6 that was developed by Huawei. This is a big help especially during this time. This is perfect for home base workout.

  4. Ang nice naman po nitong band 6 na ito na binuo ng Huawei. .. Malaking tulong po talaga ito lalo na sa kalusugan natin. Yun pa naman ang pinaka importante sa lahat.

  5. I like this Huawei’s newest fitness tracker coz Huawei Band 6 can improve health habits and even productivity levels. This is what we need now that most of the time we stay at home. I like its features especially its compatibility with other devices.

  6. Ayy wow ang bongga nman nitong huawei ban 6 . Ang newest fitness tracker . Ito tlga ung mas need lalo na panahon ngyon para stay healthy tayo 🤗❤️(Apple Joy Camañero)


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