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Friday, September 17, 2021

BRIA Homes has initiated sustainable practices across its more than fifty residential projects in the country


BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top developers of best-value housing, is fast catching the eye of environment-conscious millennials as it builds sustainably safe and healthy communities in key locations nationwide. For BRIA, sustainability is not a term to be used loosely. The catchphrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” may sum up environmentalists’ day-to-day practices, but there is more to sustainability than conserving resources and recycling household wastes. 

Another sustainable, eco-friendly BRIA initiative is Sentro, a wide and open space where homeowners can come together to connect and socialize.

In its broader context, sustainability means seeing to humankind’s everyday needs without inflicting long-term damage on the planet so that it may be kept habitable for the forthcoming generations. 

It’s a vision that BRIA Homes shares with values-driven young Filipinos who, studies now show, make up a substantial segment of the local property market. These twenty- to thirtysomethings are seen to be readily adopting more environmentally friendly lifestyles and are expected to buy homes in communities that support their choices.


For this reason, BRIA Homes has initiated sustainable practices across its more than fifty residential projects in the country. Red Rosales, President of BRIA Homes, relates that as a highly trusted housing developer, BRIA tries to preserve an important element of sustainability: ecological integrity. “This involves the judicious use of water, land, energy, and non-renewable resources; the reuse and recycling of household wastes; and the utilization of appropriate technology that serves to reduce the carbon footprint of our communities,” he asserts. 


Known as the home-of-choice of Filipinos, particularly Overseas Filipino Workers and millennials, BRIA Homes is recognized for its value-for-money, high-quality dwellings in safe and family-friendly communities. 

BRIA has installed solar-powered streetlights in all of its communities

“An essential feature of BRIA,” Rosales points out, “is the sleek, modern designs of its house models, attributes that are not usually associated with homes that the average Filipino can afford. “BRIA has all these in environmentally sound living spaces. After all, we believe that Filipinos deserve to experience sustainable lifestyles and the time for this is now.”

To significantly reduce its carbon footprints, BRIA has installed solar-powered streetlights in all of its communities. Apart from enhancing the contemporary vibe at all BRIA developments, solar-powered streetlights sources energy from the sun, stores it throughout the day, then lights up the streets from dusk till dawn.

BRIA’s solar-powered lights also make its recreational facilities, perimeter roads, gardens, parks, walking paths, and entrances safer to use and navigate, especially on evenings when residents are inclined to step out and catch some fresh air.

“Solar-powered streetlights are also very economical to use and require almost no maintenance,” Rosales says. “Without external wires, the possibility of accidents such as electrocution is also lessened.” 

Another sustainable, eco-friendly BRIA initiative is Sentro, a wide and open space where homeowners can come together to connect and socialize. With its multi-function hall, parks, and playgrounds, residents are encouraged to mingle, exercise, and live more active lifestyles. 


Sentro also houses BRIA’s amenity hub, which includes a Health Center, a Day Care Center, a Senior Citizen center, and a Barangay Center. 

Because BRIA Homes wishes to make this sustainable lifestyle accessible to many Filipinos, it continues to use its efficient formula: Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = A Beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino. 

Rosales shares, “As a company that is aware of the long-term effects of sustainable practices, we are coming up with more ways to help preserve the environment. The simple things that we do—if we do these collectively—will surely mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.” 


To check out BRIA projects and other services, interested individuals and families can visit BRIA’s website, which features 360 virtual tours. Prospective homeowners may also inquire online through the BRIA Facebook page, or reserve a propery online via BRIA’s online reservation page.  irresistible



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  6. BRIA Homes is a very nice place/home to live because the place is so relaxing and very great investment din po ito. The catchphrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” may sum up environmentalists’ day-to-day practices are very helpful para mas maging maganda dito sa Bria Homes


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