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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Shopee prepares and nurtures students for the digital landscape through its Shopee Apprentice Program

E-commerce continues to play a significantly important role in the Philippine market and is estimated to be worth US$12 billion by 2025.[1] As more consumers turn to e-commerce, and as more businesses capitalize on the potential of the emerging digital economy,  there is also a rising demand for qualified tech talents. According to Linkedin, tech roles make up the majority of “emerging jobs” in the region, with robotics engineer, cyber security specialist, and javascript developer roles making the job trend list. 

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, prepares and nurtures students and professionals for the digital landscape through its various talent development initiatives. One of these is the Shopee Apprentice Program which is an internship program designed to develop young tech talents into leaders through high-impact projects, specialized learning and development training, and mentorships led by Shopee leaders. 


Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “As the demand for tech roles rises, Shopee will continue to train and equip the next generation of leaders through initiatives like the Shopee Apprentice Program. We will ramp up our efforts to provide proper mentorship and a well-rounded work experience for individuals joining our internship program.”


These Participants of the  highlight how they gained significant professional and personal growth to jumpstart their careers in e-commerce. 


For Kyla, the Shopee Apprentice Program was an enriching experience. With a specialization in data science and analytics and equipped with advanced coding skills, she created end-to-end training portals during her stint with the Shopee Business Intelligence Team. “Even though the entire program was held virtually, Shopee translated their work culture online which is a great factor in my whole experience as an apprentice. I learned a lot from my mentors and also improved my skills in terms of presentation, time management, and communication. The program encouraged me to step up and be more confident to drive better results with what I do. I am glad a lot of people supported me throughout my whole Shopee journey,” Kyla shared.


Lance, another Shopee Apprentice Program participant, said that his experience was eye-opening, improved his problem-solving skills, and helped him understand the industry better. He worked with the People Team and displayed exemplary standing not only when it comes to his studies but also with his work at Shopee. “With Shopee, I learned how to look at a multifaceted problem, break it down into its constituent parts, and build it back together to form a comprehensive, results-driven strategy. With this mindset, I was able to drive concrete impact by implementing workable solutions that will help drive the business forward.”


After finishing the program, Kyla highly recommends other individuals check out the program for growth and new learnings. “For those who want a career in e-commerce and tech, the Shopee Apprentice Program can definitely equip you with the necessary skills through their mentorships, training, and projects. You can definitely drive your own growth as well as bring value and positive impact to Shopee through this internship. If you are up for a challenge to do meaningful work, the Shopee Apprentice Program might just be for you,” Kyla shared.


For more information about the Shopee Apprentice Program, visit  To check out other career opportunities at Shopee, check out


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  1. Honing our new generation is really important for us,it's the education and training made them explore things that aim to Their goal

  2. This is great because shopee is helping our youth to become a globally competitive individuals 🥰

  3. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, prepares and nurtures students and professionals for the digital landscape through its various talent development initiatives.
    Wow This is really great opportunity to all aspiring talented youth for thier future career.

  4. I think this is a great iniative of Shopee esecially for the younger generations, becaause our younger generation is the future. Most of our younger generation have a driven passion for the better future, so this iniative of Shopee is a must, and will help them to for guiding to the path and careers they really want to be their job. This is also makes them ready for the real life situations. ❣️

  5. Wow! This Apprentice Program is really worth trying. I can imagine how their participants like Kyla and Lance can become successful leaders in the near future. I will definitely check this out proven that the program really helped them became the better version of themselves. Kudos to our leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan --- Shopee! 🧡


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