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Monday, September 20, 2021

Here’s a simple three-step hand care routine from Chic Nails and Bobbie Nails to keep your hands looking fab even while at home

The pandemic has drastically changed beauty routines. Since many people have opted to stay home as many establishments have limited customers, more and more have been trying their hand at DIY beauty procedures to relax at home. These routines can range from doing simple skincare and hair treatments to experimenting on elaborate nail art.


One routine often overlooked is hand care, especially now with the regular disinfection needed to curb germs. Frequent hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be very drying. This is why it’s just as important to prioritize hand care.


Here’s how you can do it at home:


Moisturizer is your best friend


Always have hand cream ready to moisturize your hands after multiple disinfection. This will keep your hands soft, as well as prevent skin problems caused by dryness.


Massage all the pain away


Aside from moisturizing, hand care also includes relieving any pain you may have after working or doing chores all day. Any kind of hand cream or moisturizing product is best for hand massages for soothing effects.


Give yourself a fun and classy manicure


Once done moisturizing and massaging your hands, complete the at-home pamper session with a manicure. First, prep your nails by cleaning and clipping them to the right shape. Next, apply your preferred nail polish color.


For something that gives a year-round summer vibe, try Chic Nail Color’s Chic Happens! Collection, which has six bold and bright shades and a colorless top coat to complete the just-manicured look. If you’re into glossy nails that will last longer, the 12 new shades of Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine gel-based nail polish give nails a shinier coat and better coverage with just one swipe.


The Chic Happens! Collection and the new Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine Collection are now available on Bobbie’s Lazada flagship store, drug stores, and supermarkets.


  1. Thankful for this! It really helps a lot ,so simple but really effective,to a fab and lovely hands ,a DIY that we can do at the comfort of our home

  2. Wow I like to try this Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine gel-based nail polish. It's good coz the glossy nails and color will last longer.I want to experience this for my nails

  3. Wow thank you po for sharing ❤️
    The Chic Happens! Collection and the new Bobbie Nails Ultra Shine Collection are both Wonderful and worth it to invest.
    This is highly recommended 🥰

  4. Thank you for sharing this simple three step hand care routine ❤️ perfect dn ito para kahit nasa bahay lang maganda ang mga kamay natin 😍❤️

  5. Thankyou for sharing this three-step hand care routine para mapanatili naming looking fab ang aming kamay even while at home.

  6. this three step hand care routine is very helpful para mas maalagaan pa natin ang mga hands natin and nails thanks chic nails and bobbie nails for this

  7. Nice to Know this Thanks for sharing the 3 Tips


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