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Thursday, April 7, 2022

BACAU NAMAN? WHY NOT? Bacau Bay Resort Coron is your home in Coron

After nearly two years of being stuck at home because of the COVID19-pandemic, I almost forgot what it feels like to travel again.


That excitement of rummaging through my closet to look for clothes I haven’t worn for OOTDs and eventually just buying an entire new wardrobe because--for the gram. That it takes me almost a week to pack for a three-day trip because I want to pack “light,”  and that continuous adrenaline rush for days leading to our travel date.

I must admit my happy hormones immediately went on a frenzy when I received the invitation to join a media trip to Coron last March 9.


I probably made the decision to say “yes” even before I thought about telling my partner that I am going on a trip. I knew he’d understand--or I’ll just have to make him.


Excited much? Very.


I’ve been to El Nido with my son and girlfriend (now his wife) in 2017 and I made a promise to visit Coron as well after all, Palawan is the best island in the world and those two are its best destinations.


Preparing for Palawan

Since our hosts were one who arranged our flights and accommodations all we needed to do was to prepare our travel requirements.


Because of the pandemic, different provinces now have different restrictions. If you are traveling to Palawan, do note that even though they don’t require an RT-PCR test, local and foreign tourists need to accomplish an S-Pass.  Applying for an S-Pass is easy all you have to do is submit a copy of your vaccination card, round-trip plane ticket, hotel booking reservation and a valid ID, you could do it.

You can register for an S-Pass via this link

I applied for my Spass on March 23 and received the approval next morning. After that you have to print out the entire pdf file with stamp "approved" and not just the qr code. Our flight was scheduled for 2PM but I was already up at 6:30am. When you are living in Novaliches, you have to allot 5 hours travel time to the airport.

Surprisingly traffic was not as bad and I was at the airport by 11:00 which is good since the airport is always full of passengers.


We arrived at the Francisco Reyes Airport at around 4PM. I guess I wasn’t the only one excited because we were already out and taking photos and we all forgot to take our bags from the luggage carousel.

After a short drive we reached Bacau Bay Resort Coron --our home--our sanctuary for the next couple of days.

Bacau Bay Resort Coron is just 30 minutes away from the Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga Island. Nestled amidst the bay, the resort is conveniently located near the town proper yet also the perfect rally point to conveniently explore the wonders of Coron. They can provide you with transportation services and help with your travel itineraries.



Why Bacau?


Now let me tell you about Bacau Bay Resort Coron


Well I could copy paste the description from their website  and describe its facade as grandiose, the cashew-shaped swimming pool as inviting and the manicured garden picture perfect and instagram worthy. But that would be a great injustice to the resort because those facilities, is just a small part of what makes Bacau Bay Resort Coron more than just another luxury hotel.

You may be impressed by all those superflous adjectives of praise but that will not not tell you how Sir Gilbert and his staff welcomed us like long lost friends or how he made sure each of us received enough attention to make us feel as if we were the only guests of the resort. That by the time we had our Luau Party on the first night, it felt more like a reunion rather than a first introduction.

With Sir Gilbert Uy, Bacau Bay Resort Manager


But I am getting ahead of myself.

I stayed in a Deluxe Suite at the Wing of Bacau Bay Resort, which I shared with Jaque Lou  of Buzzsetter. It had floor-to-ceiling windows and we had our own  private balcony overlooking the cashew-shaped swimming pool.

@lola_lamon The perfect getaway this summer is at @bacaubayresortcoron. Here's my room tour. #coronpalawan #bacaunaman #sunandseawithbacaubay ♬ original sound - Lou Sv
The room is spacious you could walk around and has a touch of modern oriental aesthetic. There’s 2 queen-sized bed, super comfortable beds with fluffy pillows,  fab-smelling white linens that you’d  want to wrap around your body.  

The room had all the amenities you’d expect from a 4-star resort; an LED TV, alarm clock with Bluetooth speakers, safety deposit box, and mini refrigerator and air-conditioning that made the room a cool refuge from the scorching summer heat. There is also a coffee maker for coffee lovers, and tea bags if you want to make some tea. There’s also a desk and chair if you need to do a bit of work, answer emails or maybe even write a letter.


According to Sir Gilbert Uy, General Manager, Bacau Bay Resort Coron advocates sustainable tourism, so to help reduce waste and minimize the use of single-use plastic, the toiletries, organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shower gel are packed in refillable ceramic containers.


The drinking water they provided daily is served in glass pitcher instead of plastic bottle, so you wouldn’t be guilty about asking for refills to quench your thirst


When I first got to our room there was a welcome treat package and even a hand-written note from Sir Gilbert Uy.


We had a hearty late lunch at Amihan Restaurant, where we had the best pizza, bolognese pasta, buffalo wings style chicken, crunchy and delicious fried lumpia and a healthy banana pineapple smoothie for me. 

After freshening up, we went to Serena Pier Bar to catch the breathtaking sunset. I know we are proud of our Philippines sunsets, but this was still different as it was amazing to witness the peachy pink sunset touching the sea on the horizon. And you can watch all of this while lying down on the big hanging net. For the first time, I suddenly missed my partner as we would have enjoyed watching the sunset together---and he would help me get up from the net.


We capped off our first night with an Al Fresco welcome dinner at Pugon Restaurant located at the center of the resort. They opened it for us that night and we had our Luau dinner wearing our best Hawaiian outfits.


I’ve thought I already tried the best seafood in El Nido, but this was definitely better. Everything was served fresh starting with the bouillabaisse soup, which had squid, fish and Kibao (Coron’s local clam). It was my first time to eat Kibao, and it was sooo good I finished 2 bowls.

They also served  some Baby Back Ribs, shrimp kebabs, grilled vegetables and steamed samaral. You could taste the juiciness of the meat without any MSG or magic sarap. Its just pure freshness and cooked perfectly.

It was the same amazing dining experience during our second night when we had a 4-course meal dinner at Amihan Restaurant.

We were served a Bowl of Kibao Chowder, followed with fresh plate of mixed green salad topped with mango vinaigrette. Then main course was surf and turf--which had a lobster thermidor baked in garlic and cheese, paired with medium rare slice of steak with buttery mashed potato and vegetables. It was sooo good and we finished with their sweetest dessert the Bacau Bay Sampler of churros, lava cake, and burnt cheese cake. Perfect!

By this time you’ve probably seen my photos of Bacau Bay Resort, and you probably are thinking that it might be expensive and want to look for other accommodations.


But before you do, let me just share with you something I’ve learned from my travels and why it is crucial to choose the right accommodation for your trip.


I used to think that you could save a lot by going for cheap hotels, resorts after all you are going to be spending most of the day out. While that is partly true, your accommodations during a vacation can make or break your trip. Where you come back to after a long day of island hopping or exploring, can either refresh you or make you feel even more exhausted.


Before booking your hotel, motel or guesthouse, check if they have the amenities or services that are important to you. You’d be surprised at the simple necessities that can be overlooked or be disappointed by the hotels use of too much plastic. For example, you might be looking for a place that has a convenient breakfast bar, or an accommodation with good Internet connectivity .


Without the amenities you’re used to, your choice of accommodation might just end up souring the mood of your trip. It’s also important to look for a rating for security, especially when it comes to your belongings.


Your accommodation reflects your cultural experience. Imagine going out to immerse yourself in the local culture, only to go back to an place that is just a building where people sleep. Choosing a resort like Bacau Bay, you are guaranteed a warm reception and the trademark Pinoy Hospitality.


One of the worst mistakes travelers make is not considering travel time that is why the location of your accommodation is crucial as it will affects your daily trips. You need to be close to the places where you are likely to spend a lot of time. Bacau Bay Resort Coron is the perfect starting point to most of Coron’s destinations and you can ask their knowledgeable staff about any questions you may have about your itinerary.

At the end of a tiring day you need to have a comfortable place to rest and the last thing you want to do is go out again to find some decent food. At Bacau Bay you could order from Amihan Restaurant and you are guaranteed a delicious hearty meal anytime of the day. You can also have your cocktails with your friends and loved ones  at Isla Bar and or catch the sunset at Serena Pier while sipping on your drink. 

With Jacque of Buzzsetter

Island Hopping, think Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach + Alon Spa next on the blog. 

You too can have a slice of paradise at Coron Palawan with Bacau Bay Resort Coron! 

Book now at

Contact and reserve 👇




Get 44% off from their best available rate during their one day only flash sale this April 9, 2022! Promo stay period is from May 1 to June 30, 2022. Mark your calendar now and experience Coron Palawan with Bacau Bay Resort Coron!


3/F 1129 Metropolitan Building. Chino Roces corner Metropolitan Avenues, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City 1203 Philippines

Reservations: Local 1876


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