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Friday, May 6, 2022

#CrocsIsHere to create fun summer memories


The world is finally opening again and inviting us to explore its beauty. Crocs, a global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children has finally taken their first step into braving and discovering the re-opened world. 


This summer, Crocs bring us to the great outdoors where we can enjoy a world full of endless possibilities. A place where we can express ourselves without fear of judgment. A location where we can push our infinite creativity and versality to the fullest while staying true to who you really are.   

Crocs’ main objective for the hotter than hot season is to do safe travel and see the world in a fun and comfy way. Of course, your choice of footwear ultimately matters.  With that, Crocs is taking you to different exciting places—here, there, and definitely everywhere! 

Crocs headlines fun and coolness this summer. Be on-trend as you hit the different destinations by sporting the well-loved Crocs iconic Classic Clogs, Slides, and SandalsEach Crocs pair takes us through the roughest terrains to the smoothest paths in comfort and style.


What’s the best way to beat the heat than heading to best summer locations in the Philippines? 

First stop is the sunny paradise of Coron, Palawan. Distanced at 11035 KM (kilometers) away from the bustling city of Manila, a plane travel of 1 hour or more will take you to wonderful spots like you’ve never imagined.

The dependable pair of Crocs brought us to the edges of the enchanting waters of Coron—from the calming views of Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake to the timeless beauty of Banul Beach. 

Crocs also took us on an elevated journey and hiked the steep trails of Mt. Tapyas, the second tallest mountain and one of the most dominant land features around the town of Coron in Busuanga Island, Palawan. Take note, the 740 steps leading up to the summit was no joke, but with the undeniably comfort and easygoing Crocs, all sweats and trek are all worth it. 

The island hopping experience is definitely one-for-the-books from the exquisite waters of CYC Beach and the fine sands of Malcapuya Island. A picturesque scene that you can only see on snaps made the more than an hour boat ride truly remarkable.

Crocs also headed to one of the isolated, distant, and hardly accessible paradise in Coron dubbed as Culion. A small, very walkable town but very big in history. Doing a heritage walk with Crocs footwear while checking the historical sites and city side streets gave us a glimpse of the overall charm. 


True to the brand’s belief that all of us should be comfortable in our own shoes comes efforts to make sure that we also live in a comfortable world. Comfort is the key to happiness and with Crocs being the irreverent go-to comfort shoes, we can be who we want to be as we help make this world a happier and comfier place one pair of personalized and comfy Crocs at a time.


Truly, Crocs’ let all island revelers spend the season in comfort. And #CrocsIsHere to let us shape, share, and keep stories that last a lifetime. #ComeAsYouAre ‘coz it’s your summer, it’s your Crocs. 

Watch out for the next Crocs destination happening very soon!



  1. Love this,super comfy niya sa paaπŸ’–

  2. Wow love it . Ang gaganda nmn ng design mg mga crocs na ito summer na summer tlga 😍❤️

  3. Yay ganda ng design very stylish po😍😍ganda pa naman ng quality ng Crocs 😍

  4. I really love all the designs and colors of crocs very comfortable to wear and perfect for summer and matchy matchy din for ootd 😍


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