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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Customers can now easily tip any amount to their riders when they order from foodpanda

Day in and day out, delivery partners brave the heat and traffic to deliver good food and groceries to our doorsteps – and if there is anyone more deserving of receiving some special love, it’s them. Given the challenges they face, they need our love and support to get through the tough times.


For the delivery partners of foodpanda, love is in the air all-year round as the leading online quick commerce platform assures its Ka-pandas with substantial support and assistance amidst rising costs of commodities and fuel prices. 


As shared by foodpanda Philippines operations director Patricia Jacinto, the company’s efforts go beyond the livelihood opportunity itself but also include various programs and initiatives available at the disposal of their delivery partners, aimed at helping them during these difficult times. 

Tipping your riders


One of the ways to assist riders in augmenting their income streams is through rider tipping. On the rider app, customers can now easily tip any amount to their riders when they order from foodpanda via credit card or e-wallet, with 100% of the amount going directly to the accounts of the riders.


On February 28, for every tip you give your rider using the app’s rider tipping feature, your Ka-panda will receive double the amount. The added amount, as per Jacinto, is covered by the company. “In our own way, we want to show our delivery riders gratitude and appreciation, especially during the month  we celebrate love. At the same time, it is also an encouraging measure for our app users to tip their assigned riders,” she announced. 


Support and assistance to Ka-pandas


Providing much-needed support to Ka-pandas is crucial for their well-being and safety, and foodpanda's efforts to extend this ensure that their delivery partners can continue to provide customers with reliable and efficient service. According to Jacinto, these initiatives have been ongoing since last year and will continue this year as the present situation still calls for them.


To help with the burden of high fuel rates, exclusive discounts from tie-ups with fuel provider partners like Unioil, Caltex, PriceLOCQ, Seaoil, Phoenix and Limitless, and Jetti are offered to Ka-pandas. 


In terms of the safety of their delivery partners who are always on the road, foodpanda also provides healthcare assistance and insurance protection in line with their existing programs. “The Panda Care program, in partnership with Igloo, is an insurance coverage in the event that our Ka-pandas get into unexpected road accidents while on their shifts,” Jacinto explained. “Meanwhile, MAPFRE Insurance gives them a considerable discount on their Compulsory Third Party Liability (CPTL), one of the requirements for delivery riders in their motorcycle registration or renewal.” 


Jacinto also mentioned that even essential health and wellness maintenance are also part of the company’s initiatives to promote the well-being of its delivery partners. “We have discounts on eyeglasses, medicines, vitamins, and medical supplies with selected partners and locations such as Top Vision Center Optical - Pasig, Multigro Healthcare x Grovic Pharma - Malabon, and Generika Drugstore. This is especially needed to help them stay fit and healthy while working daily.”


Providing additional income streams is what foodpanda also hopes to give its delivery fleet, especially during this challenging time. “Through what we call “quests,” our Ka-pandas will receive incentives for accomplishing specific tasks or milestones.”


It is indeed remarkable what Ka-pandas, and delivery partners, in general, have contributed to the online food delivery industry. Jacinto assured that foodpanda would continue to explore ways to ramp up their existing efforts and look for opportunities to help Ka-pandas, who have become an important part of their customers’ online food delivery routines nationwide.

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