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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Experience all that White House Taguig has to offer for you and your loved ones this Valentines Day

Dine in style with your loved one this Valentine's Day. Experience all that White House Taguig has to offer at lunch or dinner, with a special menu prepared just for you and your date.

The pandemic, as we all know, has brought about so much challenge to our daily lives and many business industries. For some, it meant the end of services that once thrived and for others, it was a golden opportunity to pivot and flourish – and such is the story of White House Taguig.

Simple, elegant and inspired by all things beautiful, this all-new restaurant located in the heart of Taguig is a place that instantly reminds you of home. The century-old heritage house of which Chef Bruce Lim is at helm boasts of bright and inviting interiors, perfect for taking a break from work.

His restaurant comeback couldn’t have come at a better time – the middle of the pandemic. “It was a blessing in disguise of sorts as the partners decided to pursue kitchen and dining staff training while in the middle of a lockdown,” quipped Chef Bruce. 

“Everything went on in the midst of uncertainty and this foresight truly motivated everyone and gave them inspiration. And by the time White House Taguig had the opportunity to finally open, with restrictions slowly easing out, everyone was fully prepared and eager.”

Under the management of those behind La Luna CafĂ©, White House Taguig has put together a menu of favorite dishes from the various travels of its partners around Asia. It’s like taking a tour and being immersed in a certain place or country with its food speaking about richness and culture. 

“When travelling, it’s really through food that one truly experiences and learns about the places being visited,” Chef Bruce explains. Indeed, White House Taguig’s well-curated Pan-Asian menu is a testament to that. With appetizing dishes that include Thai Som Tum Salad, Malaysian Ba Kut Teh, Stir-Fried Gai Lan or Chinese Broccoli, and Hong Kong Chow Mein or Crispy Noodles, the experience will already leave you thinking of scheduling your next visit while sampling them. 

Chef Bruce’s Malaysian Beef Rendang version will make one forget about lessening rice intake. And the surprise of a dish is the Soy Sauce Chicken -- it’s everything a soy chicken dish should ever be! Enjoy with their most refreshing Tamarind Juice and finish off with the Mango Sticky Rice and Vietnamese Latte.

Another discovery within the White House compound is a new free-standing dining area which will transport you all the way to Japan. Surrounded by a Japanese garden and Koi pond, this space allows guests to book private functions wherein you can enjoy authentic Teppanyaki cuisine with up to 20 persons, with a minimum consumable to book the whole Japanese area.

And, don’t even worry about safety at White House. They also take it to heart with air purifiers and sanitizers in each table.

White House Taguig is located at ML Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Hagonoy, Taguig. For reservations, call 0960 3224823.

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