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Monday, February 13, 2023

Maxene shares #herfirstlove story with PLDT Home

There was a time i felt exactly like Maxine.

I was also young and I too had thought that i had found the one for me, and the only one who objected was my tatay.


But with youth often comes inexperience, haste, defiance, and when you add "love" to the mix you can add blind foolishness as well.


I thought i was a princess being rescued from the holds of a tyrannic king and all i wanted was to escape


When in reality. tatay was just protecting me, he just had a different way of showing it..


It was too late when i realized that and I regret not speaking with him for some time.


Looking back, now that he is in his 80's, im sure he already forgot about it as Oftentimes he doesn't event recognize me.


But now i know, we may fall in love and out of love many times, but our tatays will always be the first to love us.

We can find all kinds of love in this lifetime, but nothing compares to a first love. Sometimes, it’s not the first person that gave them kilig, nor the puppy love that gave us butterflies when we were kids—for some of us, our first love actually began at home. 


For most of us, our parents are the ones who loved us first, unconditionally. Actress, host and meditation teacher Maxene Magalona realizes this meaningful truth and shares it with everyone in a new Valentine’s Day video from PLDT Home. 


In the video, she pens a letter to her late father, the iconic and legendary master rapper Francis Magalona. 


Maxene describes how her father taught her the true meaning of love. “For you, love is about acceptance and non-judgment. You love others the way you want to be loved—by just letting you be who you are,” she writes. 


 “The love my dad showed me is my first love. He was a very genuine person. He showed everyone sincerity and respect. And to me, that’s love – accepting people for who and where they are,” Maxene says.

Love, indeed, is patient and kind. Maxene continues to live on the love that her dad taught her. “The love you experience at home is the love that you model,” she shares. “Love is a safe space where you will be accepted and not judged.” 


In her letter, she mentions how her dad showed her unconditional love through his actions. “You always tell me what I need to hear, but in a kind and gentle way,” she writes. “You would laugh and giggle as you tell me that heartbreak and pain are a natural part of life.” 


This Valentine’s Day, Maxene shares #herfirstlove story with PLDT Home. “I’m very honored to be part of a project that speaks of this kind of love. When you experience that kind of love at home you’re able to share it with others. I’m happy and honored that PLDT Home chose me to share this message to others,” she says. 


She adds that her favorite part of the video is the love letter for her dad. “I get to reconnect with him even if he’s not here physically. It was a comforting and heartwarming experience because it makes me remember that even if I am physically alone, love really knows no bounds. My dad’s love lives in me. I want to continue that legacy of his love.” 


Maxene concludes the letter by declaring that despite the painful heartbreaks, she’s not afraid to love again. “I will never give up. I will never lose hope. I know deep in my heart that I will find my true love one day because you showed me what true love is about. Thank you, Pop. I found my first love at home.”  


Watch Maxene Magalona’s heartwarming video on PLDT Home’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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