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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Watsons: The Filipino’s health and wellness partner

Over 6,000 participants from casual and serious runners to fitness enthusiasts, groups of friends, and families joined Watsons Race for Wellness on Sunday, March 5. The event marks the brand's enduring commitment to becoming Filipinos’ ultimate health and beauty partner. Watsons helps Filipinos achieve a balanced lifestyle through its holistic solutions, products, and services for every wellness and medical need. 

21K gun start: No matter if it's 3 AM, the drive of these 21KM marathoners can be felt through the atmosphere right from the gun start! 

There are many benefits to a healthy lifestyle. It lowers the risk of diseases, prolongs life, lifts the mood, and makes one look their best. This can be attained through a variety of ways: eating healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, lowering one’s intake of sugar, salt, and fat, and staying active.[1]


With the Race for Wellness, participants chose between the 5K, 10K, and 21K categories, all of which have surprises along the routes. Runners were energized by drum beaters and cheerers as they go through Pinoy-themed and Wellness zone obstacles. Apart from these, foam and water fest stations were also set up. “Kuya Kim” Atienza, celebrity endorser for Watsons Brand Vitamin B Complex, and Geneva Cruz were also spotted having fun while keeping up with the challenges. An awarding ceremony was held for all the category finishers who completed the race in the shortest time possible.





Gun Time


21 KM


April Rose Diaz


10 KM


Saltanat Simbina


5 KM


Princess Valerie



21 KM


Welfred Esporma


10 KM


Alfrene Braza


5 KM


Mark Angelo Biagtan



"The fun run is one of Watsons’ many ways to wellness, with the ultimate goal of encouraging everyone toward a healthy journey of always looking and feeling their best. Good health is a right and is needed to lead happy and productive lives. It, however, requires effort and making the right lifestyle choices. Watsons makes it easier by making health and wellness products, services, and information accessible to all,” says Jared De Guzman, Watsons Director for Customer Division.

5K female finishers with their medals:Princess Valerie, Nice Dimple Sagarino, and Leanne Austria, the female winners of the 5 KM route, receiving their medals from Watsons’ Chief Operating Officer Jefferson Go and Customer Director Jared de Guzman.


Princess Valerie is the youngest finisher among runners in the race categories. She won by only over a minute faster than Nice Dimple. 

Medical Associations namely, Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV), Philippine Physical Therapy Association (PPTA), and Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) were also present at the event to bring their support and amplify the call for health and wellness.


Cancer survivors from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) have also participated and raced for their continued wellness. 


The Filipino’s health and wellness partner


Watsons is leading the way in promoting and providing access to holistic health and wellness solutions, expert care, advice, and a platform for health literacy. The health and beauty retailer accomplishes this through its wide and complete range of vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter or prescription medicines, personal care products, and other essentials. All these are available at affordable prices.


Customers can access these products through Watsons’ network of over 1,000 stores in the Philippines, all staffed by pharmacists and specialists qualified to give expert care and advice. The Watsons Health Hub is an online one-stop shop that offers subscription plans, laboratory and diagnostic tests, teleconsultations, and more.


Watsons also makes it easier to access medicines and other essentials. Customers can purchase and pick up their orders from their selected store in 30 minutes or less through Click & Collect Express, or receive it at their doorstep through the Home Delivery Express.


Lastly, Watsons also drives health and wellness literacy through information and education programs, in partnership with the DOH and medical associations.


When asked about what's next after Race for Wellness, De Guzman shares, "At Watsons, we recognize that health and wellness come in different forms, thus we strive to cater to various interests and needs. Today, it is about running, but in the coming months it could be about biking, dancing, practicing mental wellness, and the list goes on."


"This Summer, for example, we'll be focusing on how Watsons can be every Filipino's partner when it comes to their complete health and wellness summer essentials. There's a lot in store that we're excited to share soon. And it's all in line with our goal to create an accessible and inclusive space for health," he ends.


For your beauty and health needs, go to your nearest Watsons branch, visit the official website at, or download the official website on the App Store or Google Play. Visit the Watsons Health Hub for more health information and tips.



[1] A healthy lifestyle - WHO recommendations. (2010, May 6). World Health Organization. Accessed 27 February 2023.


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