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Sunday, June 25, 2023

NCT DOJAEJUNG First Media Conference in Manila!

Prepare yourself to immerse once again in the lively realm of K-Culture, as Ayala Mall's Feed Your Seoul embarks on an exhilarating journey to bring the captivating hallyu wave to the Philippines. Get ready for an extraordinary experience filled with the best of Korean entertainment, music, fashion, and more. The excitement is building, so mark your calendars and get ready to indulge your senses in the vibrant world of Feed Your Seoul.

@lola_lamon #nctdojaejung grabeeee ang daming fans so gwapooo ❤️❤️❤️ @iloveayalamalls @iloveglorietta #HereAtGlorietta ♬ Perfume

Doyoung(도영) of NCT DoJaeJung 

To the World This is NCT

Bringing forth a captivating fusion of enchanting vocals and mesmerizing R&B harmonies, the sensational group NCT DOJAEJUNG has made an indelible mark on the K-pop scene. Their debut album, "Perfume," has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, leaving an unforgettable impression. Adding to the excitement, NCT DoJaeJung recently graced the Philippines with their first press conference held at the Glorietta Activity Center on June 25. Their presence sparked an electric atmosphere, further igniting the passion of their Filipino fanbase.

Providing an intimate glimpse into their captivating musical journey, fans had the chance to see the charming group up close. Ayala Malls Zing Plus members got exclusive access to the event by presenting their Zing Plus membership (1 Zing Plus membership is equal to 1 event pass).

Multitude of Exciting K-Culture Activities

There are a lot more thrilling K-activities in store for Ayala Malls Glorietta’s discerning patrons, kickstarting with the launch of K-Park at the roof deck of Ayala Malls Glorietta 1. Step onto the streets of Seoul with authentic Korean installations that deserve a spot in your social feed, or satisfy cravings for authentic Korean flavors. From mouthwatering samgyeopsal and comforting jjajangmyeon to delightful street foods like tteokbokki, K-Park has everything covered to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. And for the perfect accompaniment, savor the rich and aromatic coffee offerings at Paik's Coffee and Bakery.

Always on the lookout for the latest Korean products? Look no further than the Korean Products Festivalon June 28-29 at the Palm Drive Activity Center. Whether you’re aiming to take your skincare game to the next level, adding dainty accessories to your collection, or stacking up on your go-to K-snacks, this festival is a must-visit destination to discover the trendiest and most sought-after Korean items.

A decade has passed since the debut of the biggest boy group today. To mark this monumental milestone, Ayala Malls Glorietta will be hosting a BTS 10th Anniversary fan party on July 7 to 9 that commemorates the extraordinary journey of these global icons. Prepare to be immersed in a purple world with exclusive exhibits, interactive experiences, and special surprises to celebrate BTS and the dedicated Army fandom.

The Best of Food, Beauty, and Fashion K-Brands at Ayala Malls Glorietta

The K-Wave has also made its way to the Filipino palate, with Korean cuisine becoming a must-have for foodies and casual diners. The irresistible craving for Korean barbecue, famously known as samgyeopsal, has grown, and what was once just seen sizzling tantalizingly on K-drama scenes can now be savored through a plethora of options at Ayala Malls Glorietta; namely Unlimited Samgyup, Saemaeul, Mr. Korea, Jin Joo, Kaya Korean, and Myeong Ryun

Transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Itaewon and visit EATaewon, or indulge in a delightful array of delicious bites at Gorae Hotdog, Itaewon Corndog, and Marizzang when you're in the mood for a light snack. To add the perfect finishing touch, treat yourself to the luscious and creamy delights of the Korean classic dessert, bingsu, at Hobing and Wooyoo. You can also bring a taste of Korea to your home by way of the Korean grocery store, No Brand.

Achieve radiant and flawless skin with a range of premium products from esteemed Korean brands, such as Innisfree, The Saem, The Face Shop, Nature Republic. Elevate your beauty routine further with the renowned makeup offerings of Banila Co. Complete your Korean-inspired look with stylish accessories from N.Cat, adding a touch of charm and elegance to your ensemble. Lastly, channel the fashionable vibes of your favorite K-pop idols by adorning yourself in the exact same trendy outfits from Penshoppe and Bench.

Let the Korean Wave sweep you away into a world where Seoul meets Manila like never before! Get ready to Feed Your Seoul as Ayala Malls brings another season of unparalleled excitement, cultural immersion, and unforgettable memories from the best of Korean food, fashion, K-pop, and a whole lot more!

For more information and announcements, visit or head to Ayala Malls Glorietta’s social media pages at and


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  1. Ang saya ng conference nila .. daming fans na pumunta pra mkita sila.😍👍


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