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Friday, June 9, 2023

Spotify introduces "Spotify House"

The leading audio platform has introduced “Spotify House”, a reimagined design experience that brings listening to life. Celebrating one’s music identity, Spotify spotlights its slate of playlists by working with local designers to turn the app into an imagined audio haven. Take a look inside the “Spotify House” and imagine what it's like if your favorite Spotify playlists become a music enclave.

Curated specially for Filipinos, the “Spotify House” showcases three much-loved music “rooms”: Hip-Hop, Nostalgia, and Rave. Each “room” is designed to capture Spotify’s in-app listening experience, where the right sounds and beats can find you “at every turn”, each time you press play.  


Keep it trill with the best of Pinoy Hip-hop 

Picture yourself in a dance-off with the kids from your neighborhood. Or rapping along as a pro as you sing along with Gloc 9, Shanti Dope, and Al James  — this is the vibe of the “Hip-Hop Room”. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant kalye scenes, the space echoes the sickest beats and powerful bars from Spotify's Kalye hip-hop playlist.

Step inside Spotify’s “Rave Room”

Immerse yourself in this electrifying soundscape where music, art, and light intertwine. With Spotify’s high-octane planet raveplaylist, experience the best of trippy-pop hits like “nice 2 me” by piri and Tommy Villiers and “No Limits” by Broosnica. Think pulsating electronic tracks and remixes that will keep you grooving all night long. 


Go back in time with OPM Rock Hits

While we still appreciate the charm of coin-operated karaoke machines, you can now get your sentimental fix with Spotify’s OPM Rock Hits playlist — which comes into life through the “Nostalgia Room”. It’s your space to belt your heart out to the greatest hits from Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads, Riverymaya, and more.


The “Spotify House” showcases how Spotify’s leading algorithm enables personalized discovery, allowing listeners to discover and listen to the best tracks for them. So close your eyes, imagine you're inside the “Spotify House” and just Press Play

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