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Monday, January 1, 2024

Pambansang Krung Krung: How Sandara Park Brightened Our Days


Ah, the comedic charm of Sandara Park! Ever since her Star Circle Quest days, even until she reached KPop stardom, she has been ever-entertaining with her witty remarks and her endearing love for the Philippines. After all, she’s Pambansang Krung Krung for a reason.


Let’s see some of our favorite Sandara moments showcasing her lighter side below:

When she said “Automatic” in Pinoy accent


Sandara shocked Korean hosts in a variety show when she said “Automatic” using her thick Filipino accent. Everyone got amused because of the sudden language switch but she’s a real Pinoy at heart.


When she said “Punta na tayo sa fiesta!”

In her 2NE1 track, Let’s Go Party, she seamlessly sneaked in a Filipino phrase in the lyrics, saying “Punta

na tayo sa fiesta!” exciting Pinoy fans upon hearing it!


When she told Luis Manzano, “Sintunado ka, ‘di ba?”

When she appeared as a guest in Luis Manzano’s vlog, Luis Listens, Sandara shared that she was in the

country to appear in Kpop Idol BamBam’s concert. Luis wondered why none of his friends ever invited

him as a concert guest, and Sandara playfully answered, “Sintunado ka, ‘di ba?”, a savage comeback not even Luis expected!

When she showed off her ‘Bayongciaga’

With all those endorsements and projects, fans would think that Sandara would love showing off her

wardrobe full of designer clothes and bags. But in one of her tweets, she proudly posed with her

palengke bag she described as her “Bayongciaga from Divisoria”, a post that garnered lots of laughs

from netizens.

When she ordered food in Dubai… in Filipino!

Once while vacationing in Dubai, Sandara got comfortable because of the number of Pinoys in the country… that she unknowingly ordered her food in fluent Filipino. Cutie!


  1. Ang kwela din talaga nitong si Sandara Park😁 gusto ko din yung mga vlogs nya and parang di kumukupas yung kagandahan nito at masasabi ko talagang mas sumikat sya nung nasa 2NE1 sya.

  2. Idol ko talaga ito
    Super cute talaga niya


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