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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Beat the Heat and Make Memorable Summer Moments with AirAsia Philippines

The average daily temperature of 35°C and Heat Index of up to 43°C across the Philippines, and its neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam didn’t  stop guests from getting into the travel vibe. .  

As of 8 April, more than 1.5 million AirAsia guests have already booked their seats for domestic and international summer travel. Most of the preferred destinations of choice include beach and island resorts, heritage and cultural destinations where travelers embrace  the warmth  of the sun.  

To help travelers make the most out of their trips, AirAsia Philippines is sharing some essential  travel hacks on how to beat the heat while making memorable summer moments: 1. Wear loose clothing that is made of lightweight materials to allow better air circulation around your body.

1. Avoid doing strenuous outdoor activities between 10AM to 4PM. If you are going on a walking tour, always bring protection such as sunblock, sunvisor, and umbrella.

2. Consider traveling at night to  enjoy the night markets and other attractions. 

3. Drink more water than usual.  Practice sustainable travel by bringing your own  water container. 

4. Be aware of the following symptoms of heat exhaustion: extreme fatigue

  • dizziness and vomiting

  • headache

  • cold sweat; and

  • rapid heart rate

5.  Travel insurance is always recommended which covers medical expenses.

“Everyone loves to have fun in the sun. Adequate planning will save you a lot of stress. To make lasting memories together with your loved ones, it is important to travel safely and responsibly. We know how much  travel means to you. Let us all take care and enjoy the best deals on flights and hotels via airasia Move. Any amount you save on your flights and hotels goes a long way to allow you to spend more at the destination, AirAsia Head of Communications and Public Affairs and First Officer Steve Dailisan shares.

Traveling responsibly is always a shared commitment among guests and airline staff, including  the cleanliness inside and outside the airport premises as well as the aircraft.

“Being a responsible tourist also includes  keeping the aircraft clean which  contributes to our commitment to delivering the best affordable and  on time air travel as it  saves extra time for any additional cleaning between flights”, Dailisan added.  

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